Must Read: Teaching Children to Ride

  • Jane Wallace’s Teaching Children to Ride encourages safe but innovative methods of teaching young riders

    As any riding instructor who has taught riders aged between four and 12 will undoubtedly agree, the next generation can be more difficult and rewarding to teach than you might at first imagine.

    Teaching Children to Ride by Jane Wallace contains expert advice on how to teach this special age group, whose interest and ability must be carefully nurtured in a fun but safe environment if they are to become successful riders.

    The book is packed with brilliant teaching tips, including the best way to use fun and games to teach young jockeys the important basic skills that will be used throughout the rest of their riding career.

    The book also explains the best way to teach the basics to a complete beginner, through to jumping and more advanced work for older children as well as suggestions for planning a lesson, mid lesson breaks and riding out.

    Illustrated with helpful drawings and diagrams, this book is a vital addition to the bookshelf of anyone involved in teaching young children toride, including parents, Pony Club and riding school instructors.

    Costs at around £13.

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