Must read: Guide to horse clothing

  • This book is a must for all tack room bookshelves

    Even the most knowledgeable owner can sometimes run out of ideas on solving a problem or making stable management easier. TheAllen Illustrated Guide to Horse Clothing by Hilary Vernon is a useful addition to any tackroom.

    Whether it is used for reference, learning or revision this hardback book has everything you need to know about horse clothing, including boots and bandages, travel equipment, indoor and outdoor rugs, protection against flies, as well as covering the principles of rugging and the care of rugs.

    Packed with colour illustrations and photographs, it offers easy to understand advice on how to fit and the suitability of products.

    Published by J.A. Allen in hardback.

    Cost at around £20.

    For more information contact Weatherbys Allen (tel: 01933 440077 ext.351) or visit www.weatherbys-allen.com

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