Must read: Clicker train your horse

  • A new book has been published about the force-free method of animal training which has been successfully used on horses

    Clicker training is a new method of animal training, which works on the principle of positive reinforcement.

    It was first developed by Karen Pryor when she was working alongside dolphins in the 1960s and it has since been adapted for use on most breeds of animals and birds..

    Clicker Training For Your Horse is written by behaviourist Alexandra Kurland with a foreword by Karen Pryor.

    Alexandra Kurland specialised in animal behaviour at Cornell University in America and then went on to become a TTeam practitioner.

    This book is made up of four parts:

    • Rules of the game
    • Practical uses for the clicker
    • Don’t shoot the horse
    • Riding in a state of excellence

    Each part is further divided into chapters and breaks down into simple sections. It covers all aspects of clicker training from getting started, to helping solve behavioural problems, as well as looking at the reasons why problems can arise.

    This book has been written as an introduction and progression into clicker training and is suitable for horse owners of all abilities.

    Available in hardback this book is published by Ringpress Books.

    Cost at around £25.

    For more information contact Ringpress (tel: 01594 845577) or visit www.ringpress.co.uk

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