Multi-purpose poultice boot

  • Equi-Sure’s new poultice boot can be used for holding a dressing in place to protecting serving stallions

    Hoof-Eeze is a new type of poultice boot that doesn’t require bandaging to keep it in place. Manufactured with a rubber sole and lip to give protection to the foot, the rest of the boot is made from breathable Neoprene. Two straps keep the boot firmly in place.

    Tested by experts, including Lucinda Green and Langford Veterinary Practise, it has been used for a variety of purposes. These include temporary replacement for a lost shoe, protecting injured soles, safeguarding serving stallions and even after surgery over shoes, to prevent damage to surgical mats.

    The Neoprene doesn’t retain heat around the joints, but allows the foot part to preserve heat, ideal for drawing out infection. The cushioning effect of the boot has also helped tendon injuries and have proved useful for giving grip on slippery surfaces suchas airline crates.

    The Equi-Sure Hoof Eeze boot is being launched at the Horse of the Year show and should be available from October.

    Cost at around £50.

    For more information on the Hoof-Eeze boot contact Equi-Sure (tel: 01225 859046) or visit www.equisure.co.uk

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