Mongrel wins soldier’s heart

  • A British soldier serving in Afghanistan rescues a stray dog found in Kabul

    Tiger, a mongrel puppy, found hungry and scared on the streets of Kabul, has been flown to Britain because a British soldier couldn’t bear to see him homeless.

    Tiger was adopted by Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Graeme Smith, and his deputy Sgt Mick Hart. The mongrel began tagging along after them when they started to feed him.

    Now a campaign, ledby the Daily Telegraph, is underway to find Tiger a new home.

    The newspaper got involved after its editor, Charles Moore, met the dog when he was in Kabul.

    The soldiers also got the support of Jamie Darling, presenter of BBC TV’s, Animal Hospital, who was in Kabul working alongside the World Society of the Protection of Animals.

    According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, the soldiers made him promise “at gunpoint” to find a home for him.

    Tiger’s first visitor in his quarantine kennels at Stanway in Colchester was RQMS Smith.

    The soldier and his girlfriend say they are not able to offer the dog a home as they live in a small flat, but they are hoping for “someone who lives in the country to come forward and offer to look after him”.

    For more information email malcolm.moore@telegraph.co.uk

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