Mirrors aid anxious travellers

  • Travel mirrors are the latest solution to help horses that find travelling stressful

    Horses that become anxious when travelling in a horsebox or trailer may find comfort in a travel mirror. Two British companies – Equi-sure and Jackson Arenas – have recently launched a travel mirror to help horses remain relaxed while in transit.

    Jackson Arenas’ Travelling Companion (pictured below) is made from highly polished stainless steel and has been developed following research at the University of Lincolnshire. It is designed to help relieve anxiety, frustration and stress while travelling.

    Click here to read about the University of Lincolnshire’s research.

    Equi-sure has also launched a travel mirror, the Calmview Travel Mirror, (not pictured)following independent research. It is believed to work by fooling the horse into thinking it has a “friend” in the horsebox or trailer with it.

    “For the mirror to work the horse must be given time to bond with it, ideally in the stable,” explains Caroline Caldecott of Equi-Sure. “Most horses initially act aggressively towards the mirror believing there is another horse in the stable, then they adopt a submissive stance and in time a bond between the mirror image and the real horse develops.

    “Once the bond is established the horse will find its mirror image a calming influence at stressful times such as when travelling.”

    Jackson Arenas also encourage owners to gradually familiarise their horse with the mirror before using it while travelling.

    The Calmview Travel Mirror is made from a shatterproof plastic resin formula and is available in three sizes: 2ft by 2ft, 3ft by 2ft, 4ft by 2ft.

    The Calmview Travel Mirror starts at £56, plus a delivery charge of up to £10 throughout the UK, with a 50% refund available if the mirror doesn’t help your horse.

    Jackson Arenas’ Travelling Companion is also available in three sizes (45cm x 30cm, 60cm X 45cm, 60cm X 60cm) and start at £54 including VAT and delivery.

    To find out more about the Calmview Travel Mirror call Equi-sure (tel: 01225 810933) or visit www.equisure.co.uk

    To find out more about the Travelling Companion call Jackson Arenas (tel: 01647 24022) or visit www.jacksonarenas.com

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