Meet Wayne Channon

  • Horse: Lorenzo CH, a 13yo 16.3hh black Dutch-bred stallion by Ferro

    Age: 48

    Championship experience: In 2004, Wayne was short-listed for the Athens Olympics. In 2005, he was a member of the British team at the European Championships.

    Recent form

    Wayne and Lorenzo have continued to build on the success they enjoyed during last year’s Spanish sunshine tour, when they were unbeatable during the final week of competition. Since then they have regularly produced scores of more than 70% in international competitions. Following a break, they returned to the arena in fine style at Lipica CDI in early June with a double victory ahead of some 30 international competitors. In the grand prix Lorenzo’s impressive piaffe and passage received 8s and 9s. This was followed by an impressive new freestyle performance to “Il Passeggiato,” composed by Slings & Kerkhof, to collect their best international score to date at 75%.

    Major results with Lorenzo CH

    • 1st gp freestyle (75.00%) Lipica CDI 2006
    • 1st grand prix (70.12%) Lipica CDI 2006
    • 7th gp freestyle (72.05%) Mechelen CDI W 2005
    • 9th grand prix (72.05%) Mechelen CDI W 2005
    • 10th gp freestyle (71.17%) Olympia CDI W 2005
    • 11th grand prix (66.87%) Olympia CDI W 2005
    • 28th grand prix (67.70%) European Championships Hagen 2005
    • 2nd gp freestyle (74.47%) Lipica CDI 2005
    • 1st grand prix (71.87%) Lipica CDI 2005


    After riding as a child, Wayne gave up horses in favour of girls and then ran a successful business. After taking up riding again in his mid 30s, he developed a passion for dressage. He and his wife set up a state-of-the-art dressage stable in Sussex with the assistance of his resident trainers Vicki Thompson and the late Franz Rochowansky. The Channons moved to Belgium in 2004. Wayne is currently trained by Kyra Kyrklund and Bert Rutten.

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