Meet the British vaulting squad

  • The team

    The Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team will be representing Britain at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen. The team are currently enjoying a good run of form after finishing fourth at the European Championships last year. So far this year they have won in Houten, Holland and come second in Saumur, France and are in a positive mood to bring home a medal. The squad of nine vaulters range in age from 21 (Ann Stark) to just 10 years old (Hannah Young). They perform on board WH Bentley, who is lunged by John Eccles. The team are:

    • Joanne Eccles
    • Ann Stark
    • Ross Foreman
    • Jim Pate
    • Hannah Nicol
    • Hannah Eccles
    • Hattie Nicol
    • Gemma Hope
    • Hannah Young


    Joanne Eccles, 17, heads the individual girls on board WH Bentley, lunged by her father John Eccles. Joanne has won two of three international competitions she has contested this year to become the first British female to stand on the top of the podium at an international vaulting competition. She is currently second in the world rankings and is hoping for an individual medal.

    Twin sisters Liz and Sarah Watson, 25, complete the individual girl trio. Liz is the current British vaulting champion. Both sisters vault on Go for Gold, lunged by Julie McNally. Go for Gold is a former advance medium dressage horse.

    Phillip Beasley, 22, has been a British vaulting team member regular since 1998 and will be joined by Ricky Davies, 18, in the individual men’s competition in Aachen. Phillip will compete on a borrowed German horse, while Ricky will compete on the massive Grateley Limelight (18.3hh) lunged by Julie McNally.

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