Meet Sandy Phillips

  • Horse: Lara 106, 12yo 17hh German-bred brown mare by Lanciano

    Age: 48

    Championship experience: Sandy has represented the USA at two World Equestrian Games and one Olympics. She received British Citizenship in 1996 and represented Britain at the 1998 World Equestrian Games and the 1999 European Championships.

    Recent form

    Sandy resigned as a British dressage team selector earlier this year so she could concentrate on competing Lara, who she has owned for three years. The decision was clearly a sensible one as she was then selected for the British WEG team. Sandy and Lara have been producing solid upper 60% scores at international level, including two 69% performances in three-star grand prix special classes in Aachen and Rotterdam earlier this year.

    International results with Lara 106

    • 3rd gp special (69.48%) Rotterdam CDI 2006
    • 8th grand prix (67.37%) Rotterdam CDI 2006
    • 15th freestyle (64.60%) Aachen CDIO 2006
    • 10th gp special (69.36%) Aachen CDIO 2006
    • 19th grand prix (67.79%) Aachen CDIO 2006
    • 5th gp special (69.32%) Saumur CDI 2006
    • 10th grand prix (66.37%) Saumur CDI 2006


    Sandy grew up in Hawaii and learnt to ride western style as a child. She evented at pony club level in America before moving to England to hone her skills. Sandy evented successfully up to four-star level, coming second at Badminton in 1981. She was picked for the USA dressage team in 1982 and gave up eventing to focus on dressage in 1994 after competing at international level in both disciplines for 14 years. Sandy is married to Mark Phillips and they have one daughter, Stephanie.

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