Meet Jill Moran – dog salon owner

  • A change in circumstances led Jill Moran to set up her own business running a mobile dog salon

    Jill Moran from Evesham in Worcestershire was working as a marketing co-ordinator for a visitor attraction centre in Stratford-upon-Avon when she was made redundant.

    “For the past year I had began to feel a bit fidgety and wondered if I could do something on my own,” says Jill.

    After losing her job Jill, a keen dog owner, toyed with the idea of running a mobile pet supply van. However, Jill saw an advert offering a franchise for a mobile dog salon through Bugsie’s Mobile Dog Wash and decided to go for it.

    “I had to make a one-off payment and then pay a monthly fee for the franchise. I bought my van and equipment myself.

    Over the past six months Jill has gradually increased her client base and now works an average of five days a week from 8.30am to 6.30pm. Everything she needs is inside her van, from hot water and clean towels to a turbo drier.

    Bugsie’s Mobile Dog Wash has actively supported Jill, offering training and help with admin, advertising and bulk buying of products.

    Speaking about her change of career Jill says: “You need to be flexible because most people work and I have to fit in around them. I couldn’t go back to working in an office environment, as I love being out and about meeting new people.

    Jill is keen to point out that she offers a mobile dog washing service and is not a canine beautician. “I shampoo, dry and brush the dogs, followed by a tidy-up, which includes clipping the nails if they need it. I charge £10-£30 depending on the size of the dog.

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