Meet Emma Hindle

  • Horse: Lancet, 13yo, 16.2hh, German-bred brown stallion by Wenzel I

    Age: 31

    Championship experience: Emma was a member of the British bronze medal-winning team at the 2003 European Championships at Hickstead with Wie Weltmeyer, and has been a member of the British team every year since. She has also represented Britain internationally at junior and young rider level. Lancet competed at the Athens Olympics with Imke Schellekens-Bartels, where he was Holland’s second best scoring horse.

    Recent form

    Emma’s relationship with Lancet has really become established during the past 12 months, regularly producing scores in excess of 70%. They achieved their highest score to date (73.25%) in front of home fans in the grand prix freestyle class at Olympia last Christmas. This year Emma has been working with her former trainer Kyra Kurklund to fine tune Lancet’s performance in the run up to the World Equestrian Games in Aachen. They were the highest placed British partnership at Aachen, with one minor mistake keeping their score below 70%. They finished second in the grand prix at Hartpury behind British WEG team mate Laura Bechtolsheimer.

    International results with Lancet

    • 2nd grand prix (69.83%) Hartpury CDI 2006
    • 4th gp special (69.08%) Hartpury CDI 2006
    • 4th gp freestyle (71.75%) Wiesbaden CDI 2006
    • 7th grand prix (66.37%) Wiesbaden CDI 2006
    • 20th gp special (67.88%) Aachen CDIO 2006
    • 13th grand prix (69.33%) Aachen CDIO 2006
    • 2nd gp special (69.92%) Stadl Paura CDI 2006
    • 1st grand prix (70.75%) Stadl Paura CDI 2006
    • 8th gp freestyle (73.25%) Olympia CDI W 2005
    • 6th grand prix (70.37%) Olympia CDI W 2005
    • 3rd gp special (71.44%) Fritzen Wattens CDI 2005
    • 5th grand prix (70.08%) Fritzen Wattens CDI 2005


    Emma has ridden since she was a child, showing working hunter ponies and eventing before concentrating on dressage. Emma has trained with a number of international riders and trainers during her career including top international dressage judge, trainer and rider Stephen Clarke, Kyra Kyrlund, Ellen Bontje and most recently Jürgen Koschel. She is based in Germany where she runs Brookhouse Stud with her partner Thomas Hoffmann. Emma has owned Lancet since October 2004.

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