Medal predictions: Dressage

  • Individual kur

    Gold: Anky van Grunsven (Keltec Salinero)
    Silver: Nadine Capellmann (Elvis)
    Bronze: Jan Brink (Bjorsells Briar)

    Individual special

    Gold: Anky van Grunsven (Keltec Salinero)
    Silver: Nadine Capellmann (Elvis)
    Bronze: Isabell Werth (Warum Nicht)

    With Olympic, European and World Cup golds, there’s just nobody quite as good as Anky and Salinero. Something would have to go seriously wrong for them to lose out at WEG, and Anky seems to have Salinero’s nerves under control. Elvis is the new German superstar and looked very exciting at Aachen in May with Nadine Capellmann. The crowd love him, especially a German one, and his passage and canter extensions are incredible. But, he lost form at the German national championships, so I’m not convinced he’ll beat Salinero this time — unless the atmosphere really is too much, in which case the chilled out Elvis could have it. Jan Brink was a little off form with mistakes at Aachen but Jan has been saving him for this competition and many would love for the 15-year-old to get a medal on what could be his last crack at a major championship. Isabell Werth and Warum Nicht were spectacular at the World Cup, they had some issues starting outdoors this season but he’ll be over those by now. Kyra Kyrklund’s steady progress with Max, coupled with a stonking performance at Aachen make her a serious contender, despite a below par Hickstead performance. Andreas Helgstrand of Denmark will be well up there, as will Imke Schellekens-Bartels on Sunrise and Debbie MacDonald if Brentina goes.

    Team medals

    Gold: Germany
    Silver: The Netherlands
    Bronze: America

    The Netherlands beat team Germany for the first time in 28 years at CHIO Aachen 2005, but now there’s Elvis. It could be close, but I think Germany will just have the edge again. I’d love to say Britain will take bronze, but there are five teams who could get it. The Americans always put up a good fight and both Sweden and Denmark have a top scorer who could push the other consistent riders into the medals.

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