Make light work of awkward items

  • The Elico Stablemate allows you to carry your saddle and grooming kit together

    Sometimes you simply don’t have enough hands to carry all your riding equipment, and this mayresult in several trips to the tackroom to collect everything you need.

    Elico has designed an easy-to-carry saddle horse that allows you to move your saddle and your grooming kit at the same time.

    Made from a tough polyethylene moulding, it is durable and light.

    Your arm slips neatly into the Stablemate while your saddle sits on top and your grooming kit is contained in the box below.

    Ideal for carrying your tack around, the Elico Stablemate is a useful addition to any yard.

    Cost at around £22.

    For more information visit www.elico.co.uk or contact Elico (tel: 01924 454681).

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