Mahogany crystal horse grooming set from KAROO Equine

  • The ultimate mahogany crystal horse grooming set from KAROO Equine.

    The beautiful uniquely designed premium quality range of mahogany stain horse grooming brushes, some with Swarovski diamontee crystal straps, is available to buy online from www.karooequine.com for just £44.99

    The full set includes medium crystal body brush, crystal mane and tail brush, dandy brush, premium metal curry comb, sweat scraper, hoof oil brush, rubber curry comb, quality mane comb and cotton mitten.

    Only £44.99 a set, plus every order during Easter also receives a FREE GOLD-PLATED STOCK PIN — applies on orders made at www.karooequine.com. Offer ends 30 April.

    Buy KAROO Equine from www.karooequine.com


    Email: sales@karooequine.com Tel: +44 (0) 1706 221 628

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