Lumin8 can improve your horse’s coat and skin in just two weeks

  • Make a dramatic difference to your horse’s coat and skin quality in just two weeks with Lumin8 — the totally natural conditioning supplement with eight beneficial properties, which helps to reduce itching and promote nourished skin.

    1. A show stopping coat
    2. Nourished skin
    3. Hair follicle strength
    4. Improved joint mobility
    5. Increased hoof strength
    6. A calming effect
    7. Optimised efficient digestion and
    8. Reduced feed bills

    Explore the website at www.naturalfeeds.co.uk to learn all about Lumin8 and enjoy 10% off EVERYTHING with voucher code: ‘WELCOME’!

    From £19.99 for 1litre which is an eight-week supply for horses and a 12-week supply for ponies.

    For excellent customer feedback and photos see: www.facebook.com/Lumin8UK

    Visit: www.naturalfeeds.co.uk or call our order line on: 0845 230 9606

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