Locals help homeless dogowner

  • A woman evicted from her Surrey home has been forced to live in her car along with her five dogs.

    Margaret Sprately from Dorking, Surrey, is believed to be suffering from depression and is thought to be in her late 50’s. She became homeless after her house was repossessed by the building society around six weeks ago and now lives with her five Dachshunds in two Volvo estate cars in a residential area.

    Mole Valley District Council initially provided her with accommodation in a reception centre, but there was a strict no pet policy in place and Margaret refused to move without her dogs.

    Local residents from the Dorking area have been providing her with meals and washing facilities, but as Scott Duddy, a car salesman from FW Mays explains, the situation is not ideal.

    “Margaret suffers badly with depression and is not in a good way. I have been buying her a hot meal and have alsoprovided her with a water bowl for the dogs. She uses the showroom facilities for washing but it really isn’t an ideal situation.”

    Nigel Wood, Mole Valley District Council’s head of housing said: “Margaret was offered alternative housing in a reception centre where she would have sole use of a room, plus shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, when it became clear she was going to lose her home.

    “Unfortunately, because the accommodation is shared residents can’t have pets, so we put Margaret in contact with the council’s animal warden who would have helped rehome her dogs. Margaret refused to agree to this and so was unable to take up residency.”

    At present Mole Valley District Council has no plans to offer Margaret any alternative accommodation.

    Margaret’s other two dogs, both German Shepherds, are currently staying on a friends farm.

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