Lincolnshire Spring showing results, 15 May

  • WHP CS (Miss D Atkinson & Mrs V Hodgett).— 1 & res, K Johnson’s Sardis Calypso II; 2, C White’s Coombehill Othena; 3, M Fairey’s Mr Chips II. mixed ht nov.— 1, H Parke’s Sannanvalley Bounce; 2, B Walder’s Racheal’s Lad; 3, D Smith’s Royal Paradise. do open.— 1, Mrs Watchorn’s Marshall Spinney; 2, P Prickett’s My Mon Dom; 3, P Watson’s Barry H. RIHS WHP (Mrs E Tate & Mr P Cook) NS.— 1 & ch, C Sheret’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 2,B Graves’ Firecracker II; 3, A Fraser’s Vanilla Sky. 133cm.— 1, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones; 2, J Guy’s Silver Dart Archie; 3, P Prickett’s My Man Dan. 143cm.— 1, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 2, S Smith’s Todley Hall Noah; 3, H Parke’s Folly II. 153cm.— 1 & res, P Collier’s Carnaval Chaos; 2, Mrs Bonham’s Lochill Tabathatwitchett; 3, E Barne’s Laughton’s Bramble Pie. int.— 1 & ch, J Thornton’s Indian Springs; 2, P Collier’s Hearts On Fire; 3, KGreen’s Lute. WH (Miss S Leatherbarrow & Miss D Atkinson).— 1, J Jerram’s Browne’s Rock; 2, R Hart’s Harvest Moon VIII; 3, Mrs Godber’s Amber Orlando. RI open.— 1, R Morris’ Bankwood Boy; 2, A Taylor’s The Main Chance; 3, Browne’s Rock. BSPS mixed ht nov SP (Mr D Park).— 1, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Cinnamon Secret; 2, Mrs Moynihan’s Laybaland’s Cover Girl; 3, J Glover’s Chiddock Time Lord. mixed ht nov SHP.— 1, Mrs Mackay’s Wycroft New Dimension; S Weir’s Alacrity. nov ISRT.— 1, C Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 2, Mrs Cameron’s Turn Back Time II; 3, New Future Fling. nov ISHT.— 1, S Wood’s Whittaker’s Count. mixed ht OSP.— 1, Lady Benton-Jone’s Daldorn Spring Thyme; 2, S Hume’s Seatshill Fallen Angel; 3, J Stacey’s Cnapaton Toytown. mixed ht OSHP.— Mrs Butterworth’s Pendle First Light; 2, Miss Field’s Bardene Mr Valentine; 3, Mrs Stanleik’s Mount Pleasant Stardust. SP (Mrs S Thomas) LR.— 1, Mr Grooby’s Addington Lucky Charm; 2, C Read’s Cosford Bitter Aloe; 3, L Tatlow’s Howard Rhiannon. FR.— 1, Rocks Family’s Cosford Mellitza; 2, S Lilley’s Nantcol Sublime; 3, M Fairey’s Barkway Morning Glory. RIHS SP (Mrs S Thomas) sml ISRT.— 1 & res, Mrs Butterworth’s Fleetwater Xecutive; 2, Mr & Mrs P Brookshaw’s Smalland Silvertown; 3, Lochill Tabathatwitchitt. lge ISRT.— 1, Turn Back Time II; 2, Mr Osmond; 3, Farell & Sale’s Honey Glider. 128cm.— 1, A Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 2, P Hunt’s Kolbeach Holly’s Firefly; 3, Mrs Blythe’s & Mrs Bowman’s Miss Moon Fairy. 138cm.— 1, Mrs Hatton’s Chaseford Aspen; 2, K Black’s Beckside Step Lightly; 3, Mrs Swindell’s Westhill Blue Moon. 148cm.— 1 & ch, K Gibbard’s Morringtoncairn Hivan; 2 & res, L Fitzgerald’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 3, Mrs Hunt’s Pickmere Lady Arwen. RIHS Anglo & part-bred Arab (Mrs S Smith) sml.— 1, Mrs Hatton’s Wyndham Little Rascal; 2 & ch, Crafton Touch Of Gold; 3, Mrs Hunt’s Rotherwood Mr Pepys. lge.— 1 & res, R Helliwell’s Tremarl Mr Mole; 2, S Abdy’s Kavanagh’s Columbian Emerald. cobs (Miss Leatherbarrow) nov.— 1, T Harris’ Cosgrave; 2, K Gillam’s Horton’s Macklaren; 3, M Barnard’s Double Deal. RIHS lightweight.— 1 & ch, J Platt’s Tommy Tucker VII; 2, D Clark’s Tori; 3, A Gardner’s Countryman III. hwt.— 1, M Wilkinson’s Orion III; 2, J McTiffin’s Mr Morrow; 3, K Gillam’s Horton’s Maclaren. maxi.— 1 & res, Beaverfast Ltd’s Gypsy Valentine; 2, S Dalrymple’s Pole Star; 3, J Martlew’s Sandgrounder Conqueror. RIHS SHP (Mrs A Colles) 122cm.— 1, Mrs Stacey’s Neuaddparc Magician; 2, Mrs Mc Mullan’s Templedruid Hypericum; 3, Mesdames Lobb & Dymond’s Baylew St Patrick. 133cm.— 1 & res, M Dent’s Rosedew Renoir; 2, Mrs Stanleik’s Mount Pleasant Stardust; 3, S Wythe’s Mount Pleasant Sandy Pearl. 143cm.— 1, Miss Thompson’s Crafton Waltz Of The Toreadors; 2, H Easby’s Bunbury Boomerang; 3, S Hulme’s Chinook Lancia. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Pendle First Light; 2, Lochill Tabathatwitchitt; 3, Bardene Mr. Valentine. LRSHT.— 1 & ch, Mesdames Lobb & Dymond’s Gryngallt Picture Puzzle; 2, Templedruid Hypericum; 3, S Collins’ Keepsake. open 1st pony of HT.— 1 & res, Cosford Mellitza; 2, E Eadon’s Maple Bride Bertrand; 3, Mrs Sidaway’s Mellormount Dylan. RIHS ISHT.— 1 & ch, Mrs Bartle’s State Policy; 2, E Burbank’s Carnsdale Rockstar; 3, J Thompson’s Trefeinon Glen Hunters. nov (Mr R Mills).— 1, G Chapman’s Rougemont; 2, A Drabble’s Middleman; 3, H Pottle’s Delta Storm. RIHS sml (Mr Mills & Miss B Ensten).— 1, Mrs Knipe’s Exotic Dancer; 2, A Tweedale’s Diamond Grove; 3, P Cooper’s Clover Hills Diamond Lad. lwt.— 1 & ch, H Le Moignan’s W Regal Wood; 2, Mrs Lauren’s Ballynulta; 3, J Armstrong Small’s & L Buckton’s Kansa Toddle. mwt.— 1, Mrs Lane’s Dacoit; 2, H Boden’s Classic Caldini; 3, J Bickerton’s The Optimist. hwt.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Hall’s Major Moylaw; 2, R Bosworth’s Osborne; 3, Mrs Nuttall’s Darragh Classic Prince. RIHS amateur lwt.— 1 & ch, C Davies’ Standing Ovation II; 2, A Drabble’s Middleman; 3, Delta Storm. amateur hwt.— 1, Mr & Mrs Godber’s Rockefeller; 2, Osborne; 3, The Optimist. riding horse (Miss La Four & Miss L Whitehall) nov.— 1, Kavanagh’s Distinction; 2, S Neachell’s Blue Rondo; 3, H Heyes’ The Rough Diamond. RIHS sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs Teasdale’s Military Cross; 2, J Scriven’s The Comet; 3, A Bosworth’s Trudi Thornton. lge.— 1 & res, Mrs Sarkar’s Inschagem of India; 2, A Brooke’s Yarrow Dream Girl; 3, Mr Ross’ Another Statesman. hacks (Miss Leatherbarrow & Miss La Four) nov.— 1, S Carey’s Pearly King; 2, C Cooper’s Whalton Razamataz; 3, Mrs Davis’ Touch Of Mink. RIHS sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs Robertson’s Pendley Apassionata; 2, Smalland Silvertown; 3, R Brown’s Regency Park. lge.— 1 & res, B Blissitt’s The Wizard II; 2, C Jones’ Holly’s Golden Velvet; 3, A White’s Kavanagh’s High Society.

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