Lincolnshire Spring Show 21 May ’05

  • LINCOLNSHIRE SPRING SHOW (BSPS AREA 4B) Newark & Notts sgd, Notts, 21 May

    Heritage M&M WHP (Mr Lloyd-Thomas) NS 1&res, R K Leavesley’s Valentine Cadence; 2, K Smith’s Pentycoed Robin; 3, H Sedgwick’s Isley Walton Onyx. do not exc 122cms 1, R K Leavesley’s Gwyisle Maerpiece; 2, Mrs Hutchinson’s Chagfo Natasha; 3 Isley Walton Onyx. do not exc 138cms 1 & res, Valentine Cadence; 2 Mrs Wheway’s Starcrest Melaur; 3, P Watson’s Gelliganol Aziz. do exc 138cms 1 & ch, M Thompson’s Westacre Tom Thumb; 2, S Challinor’s Murphy’s Law; 3, Mr & Mrs Hart’s Powys Valley Top Flight. Heritage M&M Ridden (J Lewis) LR 1, Mrs Bonelli’s Briaene Llewellyn; 2, P Jackson’s Netherfield Mr Darcy; 3, T Vaughan’s Forlan Night Hawk. do FR 1, Team Hollings’s Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, Mrs Bonelli’s Heniarth Yippee A Aye; 3, J Croft’s Boston Bo Peep. do open mixed breeds 1, J Cook’s Stowbrook Snipe; 2, P Daniels’ Honisa Penllywydd; 3, Mrs Wigley’s Westwick Laura. Anglo/partbred Arab not ex 148cms 1, Mrs Blake’s Kelsborrow Chauvinist; 2, Mrs & Miss Welby’s Ainthorpe Countess; 3, D Blackburn’s Cumberworth Jedi Knight. do exc 148cms 1, A Lucas’ Litton Magical Minstral; 2, A Witcomb & Mrs Fielding’s Millbridge Flashman; 3, Miss Helliwell’s Holtess Moschino. WHP (Mrs Pattinson & Mrs Bayley-Machin) CS 1, S Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, D Brown’s Guinness Pure Genius; 3, A Beaty’s Cefn Charmer do NS 1, Gwynisle Maerpiece; 2, Z Woolley’s Valepark Holiday; 3, Ponsbourne Pirate. do 133cms 1, D Watchorn’s Gryngallt Pageant; 2, C Horsley’s Lowfold Quids In; 3, L Kelly’s Chance In A Milion. do 143cms 1, S Nicklin’s Glengoogle Boy; 2, Mrs Farrar-Fry’s Touch Of Class II; 3, J Cooper’s Janem Rosencavalier. do 153cms 1, S Parker’s Criminal Misfit; 2, V Ockill’s Murphy’s Irish Clover; 3, K Marks’ American Pie. do int 1 & ch, Mrs Dixon’s Pebbly Tuff Stuff; 2, S Morley’s Ocean Mist; 3, Mrs Crosbie- Starling’s Mystic Neopolyina. SP (S Fluck) nov 1, Mrs McGrath’s Becca Royal Gold; 2, Mrs Green’s Glenmoss Persephone; 3, Johnson-Treeby & Loveridge’s Ninfield Discovery. do LR 1 & res. G Ellis’ Colne Heiress; 2, M Russell’s Senate View Angelica; 3, W Oakes’s Tamarind Polly Flinders do FR 1, A Green’s Clegganhill Siren; 2, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Comet; 3, L Jackson’s Megland Vision. do 128cm 1, S Hill’s Westhill Encore; 2, Carrs BMW’s Chaseford Charmer; 3, Mrs Hartley’s Sycamore Master Romeo. do 138cm 1, A Green’s Knowle Sprucewood; 2, Ainthorpe Countess; 3, C Murray’s Devine Lyric. do 148cm 1 & ch , Mrs Welby & Lady Benton-Jones’s Daldorn Spring Whisper; 2 & res, L Minchin’s Ellenbrook Sophistication; 3, Mrs Robertson’s Groveside Bell Boy. int SRT sml 1 & res, L Miller Regal Quest; 2, Groveside Bellboy; 3, L Howells’ Pendley Bright Otter. do lrg 1 & ch, Pattersons Horseboxes’ Whitehouse Chorister; 2, J Cox’s Kirkwood Quinivere; 3, S Harrison’s The Tempest. SHP (P Barfield) LR 1, Mrs Hall’s Loughar Red Buttons; 2, P Jackson’s Greuton Ianto; 3, H Taylor’s Treowen Ranger. do 122cm 1 Mrs Marriot-Payne’s Daukester Simon Of Warleigh; 2, K Hirst’s Colby Starglow; 3, Carrs BMW’s Billy Wizz. do 133cm 1, Mrs Hopkins’ Braveheart IV; 2, L.Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 3, G Simpson’s Rhos Eldorado. do 143cm 1 & res, K Neachell’s Van Gogh; 2, Mrs Lewis’s Aston High Time Of Warleigh; 3, Mrs Heerson’s Lyndrosa Cats Whiskers. do 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs Marling’s To Be Quite Frank; 2, S Weaver’s Badger Bay; 3, P Theobald’s Major Inquiry. Hunter (D Gooch & Lady Nelson) sml 1, L Miller’s Monet; 2, K O’Connell’s Michaelangelo; 3, V Ramm’s Ballyelland Lad. do lwt 1 & res, D Heath’s Bournebrook Karacu; 2, T Carey’s Principality; 3, P Cooper’s Handel’s Largo. do mwt 1, J Cook’s Supernatural; 2, Mrs Greenwood’s Bruce Almighty; 3, A Vos’ Mountain Legacy. do hwt 1 & ch, S Tennant’s Master Kilkenny; 2, Mrs Pemberton’s Colran’s Fusilier; 3, J Tasker’s Chester Square. Hack (K Davis & A Mickleburgh) nov 1, Mr & Mrs.Parkin’s Catwalk; 2, J L Cox’s Kirkwood Guinivere; 3, A Yates’ Royal Touch Of Class. do sml 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Keen’s Absolutely; 2, P Brightwell’s Fame Academy; 3, V Swinburn’s Rotherwood Tom Cat. do lrg 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, Mrs Fort’s Moonwish Maharajah; 3, Mrs Ruchwaldy & Miss Boardman’s Miss Moneypenny. RH nov 1, Mrs Smith’s Wolvers Takachino; 2, Mrs Jerram’s Balmoral Bay; 3, C Bardo’s The Tigress. do sml 1 & ch, Mrs Smith’s Captain Hastings; 2, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh; 3, L Miller’s Amaretto. do lrg 1 & res, Dell Park Stud’s Merrigan; 2, Lady Benton-Jones’s Daldorn Jave Star; 3, S Carey’s Class Act. cob (D Bartram) nov 1, C Bardo’s Sholto; 2, Mrs Platt’s Charlee; 3, L White’s Tarmon View. do lwt 1, Sholto; 2, Charlee; 3, Tarmon View. do hwt 1, C Bardo’s Robocob; 2, J McTiffin’s Private Benjamin; 3, V Hosegood’s Master Finlay.

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