Latest in all-round leg protection

  • New flexible schooling wraps from Sportabac are the latest design in leg protection

    If you’re looking for extra support when schooling, Sportabac’s latest design could be the answer.

    Sportabac’s Schooling Wraps are designed to offer protection and support from the top of the cannon bone down to the coronet band.

    Made from flexible Neoprene, they allow freedom of movement, while also providing gentle support to the important suspensory ligament and superficial tendons.

    The wraps are quick and easy to fit with the Velcro straps fastenings, while the Neoprene ensures that the boots mould to all your horse’s lumps and bumps.

    The resulting snug fit prevents dirt or sand working their way between the boot and your horse’s skin, which makes the wraps suitable for use on artificial surfaces or in deep mud.

    The boots, which are available in four different sizes in black only, fit front or hind legs to accommodate horses of all types and sizes.

    The boots cost around £28 per pair and will be available from August.

    For more information contact Sportabac (tel: 01873 840004) or visit www.sportabac.co.uk

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