Lancashire Championships showing results, 29 May

  • Novice WHP (Ms C Barker, Miss A Lilley) nursery.— 1, A Simmonds Noble Super Ted; 2, Zoe Parr’s Village Magic; 3,Dr N Schaible’s Wyckoff Country Squire. 133cm.— 1, Mrs Prickett’s My Man Dan; 2, Dr N Schaible’s Woodend Tempo; 3, Mr A Yaqubs Wyndham Tiptoe. 143cm.— 1, A Bewley’s Little Renaldo; 2, K Webster’s Blue By You; 3, Mrs D Myerscough’s Bright Thinking. 153cm.— 1, S Scott’s Akimoburgh Weltervreden; 2, M Brown’s Roscommon Dancer; 3, Mrs D Myerscough’s Indian Squaw. int.— 1, Mrs Cranston’s Kyrocally Rambler; 2 C Heginbotham’s Meynell Midnight View; 3 J Kennedy’s Bay Masquerade. RIHS WHP (Miss A Sheppard, Ms C Barker) int.— 1 & ch & sup WHP, B Brindley’s Dalida Van De Kruishoeve; 2 & res, C Orr’s Plain Bob Doubles; 3, J Ashmore’s My Amazing Grace. 153cm.— 1,J Ashmore’s Woodland Amarula; 2, D O’Brien’s Wilma Miller; 3, S Scott’s St Patrick III. 143cm.— 1, B Lear’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, L Tinson’s Pebbly Grey Fox; 3, H Waterson’s Mayflower Magic. 133cm.— 1, Mrs M S Roberts Orielton Beamish; 2, S Horne’s Gryngallt Pageant; 3, A Yaqub’s Wyndham Tiptoe. nursery.— 1, Mrs A Lyon’s Noble Toreen Lass; 2, Mrs B J Graves Firecracker II; 3, S Bracken’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet. RIHS SHP (Miss H Cook, Miss J Perkins) lr.— 1, R Caddick’s Pumphill Victoreebel; 2, R Walker’s Mirrobelle P; 3, Knipe Family’s Westfirle Diggory Delvet. 122cm.— 1, L Fizgerald’s Caridine’s M’Lord; 2, S McMullan’s Templedruid Hypericum; 3, C Cooper’s Outrigg Puccini. 133cm.— 1& res, S Horne’s Parkhill Beckham; 2, Mrs Cambray’s Parkhill Ronaldo; 3, S Leach’s Vanathany Dream Catcher. 143cm.— 1 & ch, L Fitzgerald’s Greylands Stardust; 2, Mrs M Nicoll Thompson’s Marshbrook Ltd Edition; 3, S Hulme’s Chinnock Lancia. 153cm.— 1, Mrs E Butterworth’s Pendle First Light; 2, Mrs K Bott’s Cool Justice; 3, Mrs Slight’s Seatshill Little Rogue. int.— 1, A Done’s Carnsdale Cinderella; 2 & res, Y Kobbe’s Jemoon Star Catcher; 3, Mrs L Minchin’s Pretoria. assoc classes (Mrs P Pattinson, Mrs T Brooks) WHP.— 1 & res, C Heginbothams Meynell Midnight View; 2, R Melling’s Wizard; 3, Miss Watson’s Meath Busy Body. RH.— 1, E Wilkinson’s Double The Prophet; 2, Miss E Cross’s Kavanaghs Distinction; 3, Miss S Emmerson’s Simply Gifted II. sml hunter.— 1, G Isherwood’s Tarantino; 2, A Tweedale’s Diamond Grove; 3, M Charlton’s Stoneyraikes Ringmaster. hack.— 1, A Smith’s Julien. hunter.— 1 & ch, A Leaver’s Lady Of The Valley. cob.— 1, H Newton’s Annie XIV. RIHS SP (Mrs M Hamilton, Mrs V Bywater) lr.— 1, Mrs K Marshall’s Small Land Hotspot; 2, M Pendlebury’s Brynoffa Maytime; 3, L Vincent’s Anndalyse Sugar Plum. fr.— 1, Mr S Borrowdale’s Westway Twilight Rose; 2, Mrs S Lilley’s Nantcol Sublime; 3, J Shirt’s Nantcol Lady Serlina. 128cm SP.— 1, Mrs Gillott’s Colbeach Salaman; 2, A Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 3, Mrs K Angus’s Fofsway Accord. 138cm SP.— 1 & res ch, Mr S Borrowdale’s Colbeach Elegance; 2, Mrs M Calderbank’s Duntarvie Cat Nap; 3, K Black’s Beckside Step Lightly. 148cm SP.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Fitzgerald’s Crafton Touch Of Gold;2, I Mollard’s Roodlebats Sunny Delight; 3, H Forrest’s Milford Grand Marnier. SRT sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs E Butterworth’s Fleetwater Executive; 2, R Helliwell’s Tremarl Mr Mole; 3, Mrs K Slight’s Stanley Grange City Lights. SRT lge.— 1, Mrs W Hartley’s Classic Coincidence; 2, R Timson’s Gypsy Joan; 3, Mrs J Edmondson’s Sharlen Top Hat and Tails. Heritage WHP (Mrs A Colles & Mrs M Ludlow) training stakes.— 1 & res WHP, M Cunningham’s Renvarg Magician; 2, L Barton’s Gortacleve Johnny; 3, Mrs E Barnes Powysvalley Matador. cradle.— 1, Mrs V Cox’s Boston Bo Beep; 2, Mrs E Barnes Colliers Oriel. nursery.— 1, P Grime’s Cuelan Silyn; 2, R Mackenzie’s Brynamman Dewi Santass. mxd ht nov.— 1, G Clarke’s Glandoran Silver Sparrow; 2, L Bates Rynys Lady Mona; 3, T Cadwell’s Alexander Of Langsett. not exc 122cm.— 1& res, Mrs E Barnes Colliers Oriel; 2, P Grime’s Cuelan Silyn; 3, R MacKenzie’s Brynamman Dewi Santass. not exc 138cm.— 1, Mrs V Cox’s Lochinvar; 2, H McGladdery’s Mowcop Fred; 3, Mrs E Pye’s Starcrest Mel Aur. exc 138cm.— 1 & ch, K Seedhouse’s Riversdale Ritzy Nix; 2, Mrs D Housley’s Glanvyrnwy Maximus. WHP (Mrs S Thomas, Mrs M Ludlow) Cradle.— 1, Mrs P Sampson Pleasant’s Anri Class Act; 2, Mrs V Cox’s Boston Bo Peep; 3, Dr N Schaible’s Wyckoff Country Squire. nursery.— 1& ch, S Horne’s Gryngallt Pageant; 2 & res, Mrs V Cox’s Davdor Alyn; 3, Mrs T Houston’s Soudley Merlyn. rest.— 1, Mrs Hewitson’s Wynswood Gatsby; 2, J Wright’s Uptown Girl; 3 , S Manning’s Canabis R. 133cm.— 1, Mrs Hewitson’s Wynswood Gatsby. 143cm.— 1, S Smith’s Todley Hall Noah. 153cm.— 1, Mrs Robert’s Griannagh Marcus; 2, J Wright’s Uptown Girl. int.— 1 & ch B Brindley’s Dalida Van De Kruishoeve; 2 & res, S Plavsic’s Noble Millioneress; 3, J Beirne’s Warren Dolly Mixture. RIHS pb Arab (Mrs P Pattinson, Mrs T Brooks) sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Fitzgerald’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, K Bott’s Whalton Wolf Whistle; 3, G Westhead’s Pickmere Pickles. lge.— 1 & res, Mrs Slight’s Stanley Grange City Lights; 2, Mrs J Edmondson’s Sharlen Top Hat and Tails; 3, R Helliwell’s Tremarl Mr Mole. Heritage Ridden (Mrs C Whiteley, Mrs A Abrahall) nov.— 1, M Standen’s Shilstone Rocks Freedom; 2, J King’s Moelyddview Harris; 3, K Davey’s Sianwood Annabelle. open.— 1, M Standen’s Shilstone Rocks Freedom; 2, D Martin’s Rollo Of Dykes; 3, T Hunt’s Popster’s Mr Speculater. RIHS sml.— 1, L Card’s Hoekhorst Eclipse; 2, T Hunt’s Popster’s Mr Speculater; 3, R Mackenzie’s Mynydatarren The Marksman. B & C.— 1, L Craven’s Cotterall Amaretto; 2, L Davies Oakmill Wizard; 3, S J York’s Farhill Jasmin. Connemara/New Forest.— 1, M Nicoll Thompson’s Carlingford Cherub; 2, K Seedhouse’s Riversdale Ritzy Nix; 3, A Baybutt’s Carracastle Barney. lge brds.— 1 & ch, L Steven’s Waterside Black Prince; 2 & res, R Davidson’s Trowan Moulin; 3, S Fitzgerald’s FFoslas Ceredig. lr.— 1, ch & res sup, M Booth’s Glenrose Rainmaker; 2 & res , L Dickinson’s Springwater Hi Light; 3, H Mather’s Templedruid Hoegaarden. fr.— 1, Mrs A Aston’s Lacy Jack ILPH Enigma; 2, J Dean’s Sugarbrook Whinfield; 3, Mrs A Plumbridge’s Birchenoak Tornado. nov SP (Mrs C Whitely) 128cm.— 1, ch & sup A Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 2, K Sarling’s Cosford Glamour; 3, Mrs Ashenden’s Person Pandora. 138cm.— 1 & res, Mrs J Horsfall’s Ninfield Fable; 2, B Taylor’s Crimson Tenth Edition. 148cm.— 1, E Pye’s Stanley GrangeIllusive; 2, A Leaver’s Braeglenn Masterpiece; 3, Mrs L Phipp’s Molucca’s Sweet Paprika. nov SHP (Mrs S Thomas) 133cm.— 1, M Booth’s Chevlian Bitesize; 2, J Williamson’s/Team Holling’s Howgill Beetle Juice; 3, Mrs Lloyd’s Hilin Toblay. 143cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Cambray’s Nutwood Spring Charm; 2, E Parsonage’s Crafton Fairy Gold. 153cm.— 1 & res L Fitzgerald’s Dynamique; 2, Mrs A Green’s Now Or Never. 122cm.— 1, J Nicholl’s Waxwing Pringle; 2, unlisted; 3, Mrs M Leech’s Linksbury Gamekeeper. SHP (Miss C Hyde) 133cm.— 1, Mrs Cambray’s Parkhill Ronaldo; 2, S Horne’s Parkhill Beckham; 3, V Brown’s Hollyvale Toy Boy. 143cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Cambray’s Nutwood Spring Charm; 2 & res, Mrs Hulme’s Chinook Lancia; 3, M Lancaster’s Rhosyr Elizabeth. 153cm.— L Jackson’s Kilmiston Sky Hawk; 2, Mrs Slight’s Seatshill Little Rogue; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Dynamique. 122cm.— 1, J Nicholl’s Waxwing Pringle. RIHS Pretty Polly ( Miss A Lilley) SP.— 1, H Forrest’s Milford Grand Marnier; 2, M Jones Jackets Vamoose; 3, A Astbury’s Pendle Athena. SHP not exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, K Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky; 2, Mrs Ripley’s Small Land Rialto; 3, S Coleman’s Laybalands Sunday Best. SHP not exc 133cm.— 1 & res, S Carney’s Colbeach Autumn Song; 2, K Bond’s Lochar Red Gauntlet; 3, S Lloyd’s Hilin Tobias. lr.— 1 & res, M Pendlebury’s Brynoffa Maytime; 2, S Newton’s Corristine Tinkerbelle; 3, S Lloyd’s Morwyn Bronze Crispa. fr.— 1 & ch, C Lindsay Brown’s Garnfach Penri; 2, S Newton’s Corristan Tinkerbell. SP (Mrs G Wright) 148cm.— 1, M Nicholl Thompson’s Jack Of Diamonds; 2, M Dent’s Lowland’s Shadowfox; 138cm.— 1, S Hatton’s Wyndham Little Rascal; 2, J Sharrock’s Westhill Papermoon; 3, S Booth’s My Man Honey Pot. 128cm.— 1 & ch, A Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 2, J Sharrock’s Daldorn Fairytale; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Harver Relativity. lr.— 1 & res Mrs Simpson Jone’s Conway Blue Moon; 2, Mrs Anderson’s Hightops Dark Opal; 3, B Ashdown’s Rocksgreen Cold Mountain. fr.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Cade’s Trannon Pippin;2, J Shirt’s Nantcol Lady Serlina;3, Mrs C Lindsay Brown’s Garnfach Penri. tiny tots.— 1, S McMullan’s Barkway Moonwalk; 2, Mrs Smith’s Sorcha’s Boy. nov Heritage lr.— 1 & ch, I Dickinson’s Springwater HI Light; 2, K Ahern’s Lacy Mandy; 3, C Jones Beaconsfield Prince Valiant. nov fr.— 1 & res, S Holden’s Swinford Paper Lady; 2, S Dennison’s Mereholme Baxter. lr SHP.— 1, Mrs Smith’s Sorcha’s Boy; 2, A Cooper’s Romany Master Harry; 3, Knipe Family’s Westfirle Diggory Delvet. first pony ht.— 1, Mrs Smith’s Sorchas Boy; 2, V Smith’s Danebridge Princess Isobella. SRT (Mrs P Pattinson) sml.— 1, A Lawton’s Tewsley Tribute; 2, S Pickervance’s Whalton Rosella; 3, Mr Ripley’s Small Land Rialto. lge.— 1, C Jackson’s Reveille; 2, W Hartley’s Classic Coincidence. int SH.— 1 & ch, A Leaver’s Silken Ruler; 2 & res, Mrs Twitchett’s Eaglemoor; 3, A Tweedale’s Diamond Grove. novice SRT.— 1, L Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 2, E Whitefield’s Simply Forever; 3, J Kennedy’s Riversway Melody Maker. nov int SH.— 1, S Plavsic’s Noble Kashmir.

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