Kyra K deerskin gloves

  • Gorgeous gloves which will stand the test of time spent in the saddle

    “Finding a pair of good looking gloves which are smart enough to compete in, yet will stand up to rigorous daily training might sound like a tall order,” writes tester Barbara Young.

    “Not surprisingly for a brand renowned for quality and performance, Kyra K’s soft deerskin gloves proved the ideal choice.

    “At first glance the bright buttery yellow leather was a bit startling, but within just one or two wearings, they took on a more subtle shade without losing any of their good looks.

    “Initially I thought they might prove a little restrictive and insensitive because of their well-stitched design, but within minutes of slipping them on, they moulded effortlessly to the contours of my hand and proved flexible and natural.

    “Manufactured entirely from best quality soft deerskin leather, which is rugged enough to withstand hard wear, but supple enough to form a second “skin”, this easy-to-wear pair also proved smart enough to wear in competition.

    “Designed with a quick and easy Velcro strip, they are easy to remove even after a rigorous work out.”

    Verdict: Quality gloves designed for performance and comfort – pricey, but worth it

    Available in colours tan and white, and in sizes ladies A, ladies B, mens A and mens B.

    Cost at around £42

    Contact Belstane Marketing (tel: 01335 372600)

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