Kerrygold Dublin 8-12 August

  • KERRYGOLD DUBLIN Ballsbridge, Ireland, 8-12 August

    TB, up to 3yo 1, D Gibson’s Cleopatra; 2, S Murphy’s Aristocracy Fair; 3, A Smurfit’s. stallions 1, D Allison’s Accondy; 2, L O’Toole & L Togher’s Daaralzamaan; 3, Ballinteggart Stud’s Present Arms. mares 1, Callinafercy House Stud’s Callinafercy April; 2, J F Mernagh’s Wild Bramble; 3, J & R Andrews’ Rose Of Shannon. foals 1, J R Andrews’ Frontier Lad; 2, J F Mernagh’s. non-TB mares: heavyweight 1, P Kinsella’s Diamond Queen Forever; 2, L Patterson’s Bare Necessity; 3, J Carlisle’s Night Fever. l’wt 1, M English’s Dimmr Light; 2, R Tynan’s Madame A; 3, M English’s My Irish Charm. colt foals 1, L Patterson’s; 2, R Drohan’s Gerrard; 3, Callinafercy House Stud’s Callinafercy Andros. filly 1, M English’s Mona Lisa; 2, R Tynan’s Virginia West; 3, P J Munnelly’s Equest Liberty Lass. mares (non-eligible General Stud Book) 1, Rockvale Stud’s Renkum Britannia; 2, J Tempanyh’s Skreenmore Danakill Maid; 3, Hurst Show Horses’ Golden Delight. ID mares, 3/4yo 1, J Crosbie’s Xena Grnd; 2, Mrs V Coulter’s Millhollow Starlet; 3, S Feerick’s Mill Hollow Queen. 5yr & over 1 & ch, J Cotter’s Enniskene Flash; 2, R & P Shiel Mullen’s Princess Dawn; 3, Heemskerk Irl Ltd’s Inion Grey Macha. colt foals 1, H & CKelly’s Derrynagara Caliph; 2, M Marron’s Adastra Sea Crossing; 3, D Cameron’s Ballywildrick Maharajah. filly 1, G Wycherley’s foal; 2, C & N Moore’s Tullys Dancer; 3, B Sheahan’s Keamore Lass. foals 1, Mrs H Troughton’s; 2, T & C Henry’s. stallions 1 & ch, D McCarthy’s Welcome Diamond; 2, F Brinigan’s Crosstown Dancer. hunter, h’wt 4yr 1, ch & supreme ch, N Holloway’s Cashmere; 2 & res, Mrs P M Creighton’s Freddie Kruger; 3, Lewis/Ormedilla’s Lawdale. 5yr 1, J B Armstrong’s Archdeacon; 2, M Leonard’s Balingowan Reliance; 3, D Boyes’s King Shore. 6yr & over 1, M Butterly’s Olympic Night; 2, N Trevithick’s Fox Cover Pride; 3, P & L Downes’s Monegall Jack. med wt: 6yr & over geld 1, W Trevithick’s Nimrod; 2, F Cash’s Muscatel; 3, J Kennedy Bloomer’s Gilt Edge. 5yr geld 1 & res, S Malee & J Howley’s Carrabeg Apollo; 2, D E G Gibson’s Mister Bash; 3, G Clarke’s Caplain. 4yr & over mares 1, J Brett’s Franny Clover; 2, D Byrne’s Seamyway; 3, D Hadden’s Annabelle. 4yr geld 1 & ch, W McIlwaine’s Lord Of The Dance; 2, Lewis/Omedilla’s Hemingway; 3, T Leonard’s Ballynoe Prince. l’wt 6yr & over geld 1 & res, R D Iggulden’s The Favour Royal; 2, J de Roquancourt’s Malachy; 3, G M O’Gorman’s O’Loughlin Hope. 4yr geld 1, G Dobbs’s Chester; 2, P O’Connor’s Carnival Knight; 3, L McGowan’s Hillowan Charmer. do mares 1, Mrs J Grieve’s Granite Star; 2, J Allen-Collins’ Aminka; 3, J Crosbie’s Mrs H. 5yr geldings 1 & ch, C McAlpine’s Castletown; 2, G Traynor’s Wickow Way; 3, N Broderick’s Colman. 5yr & over mares 1 & ch, P J Hegarty’s Fenya; 2, M Coyle’s Rolex Santa-Anita; 3, J Lynch’s Rosewood Chief Chaff. ladies’ hunters: m’wt 1 & ch, R Loney Clendinning’s Bellevue Mick Flick; 2, K Woodham & T Burns’ Deep Impact; 3, A McCusker’s Royal Sting. l’wt 1 & res, N Broderick’s Colman; 2, P J Hegarty’s Fenya; 3, C Bastable’s Fairenoughski. sml hunters: 4/5yo 1, C Bradbury’s Natina; 2, McLaughin Bros’ Classic Mistake; 3, I Leonard’s Apache Brave. 6yr & over 1, L Webb’s Short Cut; 2, C Faeste’s Tourgar Dellboy; 3, T & L O’Brien’s Hello Foxy. 3yr loose jumping 1, B Daly’s Newmarket Venture; 2, J Byrne’s The Captain’s Son; 3, F McMahon’s Rinroe Lad. young horses: 3yo h’wt geldings 1, Mrs J M Doherty’s Richmondlea Oscar; 2, T Byrne’s Booladurragh Boy; 3, C Connolly’s Black Condor. m’wt 1, T Casey’s Kealderra Diamond; 2, J King’s Corbally Dream; 3, P R Bennett’s bay. l’wt 1 & ch, D Gibson & D Alcorn’s Mystery Man; 2, P Scott’s Killimer; 3, P Blake’s One For The Road. 3yo h’wt/m’wt fillies 1, D Haddon’s Caroline; 2, Mullentine Farm’s Mullentine White Oak; 3, J Crosbie’s Xena Grand. l’wt 1, S Lanigan O’Keefe’s Tiger Lily; 2, P R Bennet’s; 3, B McKelvey’s Margaux. 2yo h’wt/m’wt geldings 1, R Woodroofe’s Orbis Duke; 2, M Brady’s Legacy; 3, G Chapman & L Talbot’s Kilnahue Flight. l’wt 1, S Murphy’s Bewley Hotels; 2, C J Berry & Ferris Jewellers’ Pride Of Place; 3, D Fahey’s Master’s Choice. 2yo fillies 1, B Maguire’s Diamond Crest; 2, M Byrne’s Ashbrook April; 3, P Conn’s Miss Carjanju. y’ling geld/colts 1, A Brown’s Experimental; 2, D Gibson’s Charmer; 3, S Colhoun’s Hi Alert. y’ling fillies 1, A Lyons’ Key-Note; 2, T & L Magee’s Young Granuaille; 3, D H Warrington’s French Leave. RHs: sml 1, D Byrne’s Dreamaway; 2, N J Moore’s Little Miss Sundance; 3, L Hutchinson’s Free Spirit. lge 1, J Myerscough’s Cadeau Kloverpris; 2, J Ahern’s Carhue Dolly; 3, K Marshall’s Prince Regent. side-saddle: riders 16 & over 1, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Ruby Cairo; 2, Dreamaway; 3, J Ahern’s Carhue Dolly. cobs: l’wt 1 & ch, S A McAteer’s Controversy; 2 & res, D O’Connor’s Tomboy; 3, L Curran’s Wedgewood. h’wt 1, J Omedilla-Lewis’s Macmillan; 2, B Bourne’s Piece Of Cake; 3, K Reid’s Brown Thomas. future competition horses: 4yo 1, Bellevue Mick Flick; 2, T Leonard’s Ballynoe Prince; 3, J Keane’s Mr Fitz. 5yo 1, M Heery’s Red Barron; 2, M Leonard’s Balingowan Reliance; 3, Fenya. 6yr & over 1, T Doherty’s Double Tap; 2, D & S Daly’s Kincluny; 3, J Wright’s Dutch Connection. Connemara: 3yr & over 1, P M Collier’s Grange King’s Surf; 2, M Hanleyh’s Spiddal Playboy; 3, M Igoe’s Kippure Cathal. y’ling filly 1, G Curran’s Glencarrig Roisin; 2, S Parkinson’s Goldthorn Hazel; 3, P Green’s Millbanks Irish Mist. 2yo 1, M Igoe’s Kippure Grace; 2, P & N Heanue’s Lough Fadda Milly; 3, A Evans’ Rosshill Alley. 3yo 1, J Crowley’s Roundstone Heather; 2, S Lusby’s Lucky Hazel; 3, J A Dalrymple’s Boden Park Snowday. 4/5yo 1, M Igoe’s Kippure Heather; 2, S Murphy’s Glenayre Morning Breeze; 3, S Lusby’s Lady Of The Erne. 6yr & over 1, C Curran’s Coosheen Breeze; 2, J N Mullen’s Kingstown Molly 2nd; 3, R S Fallon’s Coosheen Pheasant. ridden: national ch 1, M Goodbody’s Killough Sea Sprite; 2, E Murrary’s Carnduff Billy; 3, J Cazabon’s Siog Na Mara. 7yr & over 1, Dr M Cafferkey’s Kilbride Mr Punch; 2, C MacAleavey Murphy’s Ballyorney Bobbette; 3, E Fitzgerald’s Barney Millar. jnr side-saddle: pony 143-153cm 1, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, Mrs F Ponsonby’s Collumbcille Skipper; 3, D Byrne’s Murdy. pony, up to 143cm 1, B Brindley’s Condene Morning Glory; 2, Mrs R Henry’s Burlwood Stud Charlie Fox; 3, Mrs J McNeice’s Churtoncroft Shalimar.

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