JumpCross results 2002

  • GRANGE FARM Peterborough, Cambs 1 April

    GRANGE FARM, Peterborough, Cambs, 13 July

    GRANGE FARM, Peterborough, Cambs 28 September

    GRANGE FARM Wittering, Cambs 1 April

    Group1 1, The Old Pro’s (G Parsonage/M Clayton-Bailey); 2, Tally Ho (M Kyle/T Liddle); 3, Badminton Blondes (J Crowson/N Mills). Group 2 1, Well Roasted (J Crowson/N Mills); 2,Horse Ware (T Liddle/M Kyle); 3, Charles Owen (T Liddle/M Kyle). Group 3 1, Queenholme Kindergarden (M Kyle/ T Liddle); 2, Spitfires (A Carter/S Galls); 3, Jumping Coffee Beans (J Crowson/N Mills). Group J1 1, The Mud Inspectors (B Scott/T Iveson); 2, The Risk Takers (R Casswell/S Casswell); 3, Flying Pigs (S Peacock/N Souter). Group J2 1, Norfolk Broads (K Johnson/D Jackson); 2, The Gamblers (R Casswell/S Casswell); 3, Originpharm.com Mischief Makers II (J Belcher/J Belcher).

    GRANGE FARM Wittering, Cambs, 13 July

    group 2 1, Badminton Bound (C Dunlop/J Crowson); 2, Badminton Blondes (J Crowson/N Mills); 3, Willingham Flyers (D Peacock/K Souter); 4, Total Recall Fizzy Flyers (Y Goss/J Edmunds); 5, J&J (J Musto/J Mason); 6, Hemel Raiders (A Carter/S Gall); 7, Pot Boilers (B Watson/S Boyce); 8, M&M II (J Mason/J Musto); 9, The Bell Hops (C Croll/V Boyce); 10, Pot Hunters (K Paige/B Watson); 11, Ancient and Modern (J Moon/K Mills); 12, Cyber Pair (S Gifkins/F Gifkins); 13, The Self Preservation Society (P Darrington/M Massey); 14, De Gale Force (S De Gale/W De Gale); 15, Annanali II (A Palmer/A Brock). group 3 1, Total Recal Fuzzy Flyers (Y Goss/J Edmunds); 2, GSS Architechture (C Dunlop/J Crowson); 3, Stamford Stoned (J Crowson/N Mills); 4, Pigs Might Fly (R Finch/E Pepperell); 5, Spitfires (S Gall/A Carter); 6, Wota Lota Bottle (L Freeman/M Trease); 7, Free Range Chicks (J Moon/K Mills); 8, Kamikaze Cousins (K Ward/S Boyd); 9, M&M (J Musto/V Meadows); 10, – (P Jackson/J Goodwin); 11, – (J Trevor-Roper/J Crowson); 12, Well Roasted (N Mills/J Crowson); 13, Stable Express Fenland Flyers (R Chambers/V Boyce); 14, Wacky Racers (N Burrell/C Dunlop); 15, – (E Inglesberg/N Mills); 16, The Bees Knees Gee Gees (C Hughes/K Elsey); 17, Mission Impossible (V Boyce/A Glennister); 18, Annanali (A Palmer/A Brock); 19, First Chapter (P Hales/R Rolfe); 20, Just For Kicks (J Bartram/B Bartram); 21, The Crackpots (P Charnley/ T Hill); 22, Miniature Heroes (T Hill/C Henshall); elimination, Trident Tearaways (W Blackburn/C Croll); Quayside High Flyers (C Coutts/H Clifford); The Shamrocks (S Carter/H Mitchell); The Good Neighbours (SEvans/L Thorp).group 2 juniors 1, Only Fools and Horses (B Scott/T Iveson); 2, Rude Riders (D Jackson/F Brown); 3, The Gamblers (R Casswell/S Casswell).group 3 juniors 1, The Mud Inspectors (B Scott/T Iveson); 2, The Risk Takers (RCasswell/S Casswell); 3, Novaris Novices (D Jackson/F Brown); 4, Devils On Horseback (R Spain/N Barker); 5, Flying Pigs (S Peacock/N Souter); 6, Cropthorne Crackers (J Goss/F Jordan); 7, Wittering Widgets (G Redrup/D Jackson); 8, Clever Steppers (T Twite/L Sculthorpe); elimination, When Billie Met Katie (H Reynolds/C Armstrong); The GingerNuts (D Jackson/L Utley).

    GRANGE FARM, Peterborough, Cambs 28 September

    Group 11, Queenholme.com (Tanya Liddle/Mark Kyle) 279.88;2, Howes It Dunn Again! (Katherine Howe/Sally Dunnett) 616.75;3, Broody Hens II (Barrett Watson/Sharon Hunt) 662.75;4, Fighting Cocks II (Sarah Williamson/Barrett Watson) 765.00;5, The Weakest Link (Jo Musto/Kim Smith-Bingham) 774.31.Group 2 1, Tally Ho (Mark Kyle/Tanya Liddle) 220.61;2, Broody Hens (Barrett Watson/Sharon Hunt) 264.41;3, Howes It Dunn (Katherine Howe/Sally Dunnett) 365.65;4, Badminton Bound (Charlotte Dunlop/Julia Crowson) 461.99;5, Hemel Raiders (Alicia Carter/Charlotte Rollinson) 463.00;6, Total Recall Fizzy Flyers (Yvonne Goss/Hannah Jordan) 463.42.Group 31, M&M (Jo Musto/Jo Mason ) 264.41;2, Total Recall Fizzy Flyers II (Yvonne Goss/Hannah Jordan) 284.58;3, Browns (Victoria Meadows/Kim McDermott Brown) 390.59;4, Stamford Stoned (Julia Crowson/Charlotte Dunlop) 395.03;5, GSS Architecture (Charlotte Dunlop/Julia Crowson) 409.97;6, Spitfires (Alicia Carter/Charlotte Rollinson) 415.77.Group 2 Jnr1, Flower Power II (Victoria Turner/Harriett Gibbs) 369.96;2, Only Fools & Horses (Ben Scott/Tamsyn Iveson) 500.43;3, The Gamblers (Stephanie Casswell/Lauren West) 544.32;4, Badminton Rude Riders (Danielle Jackson/Felicity Brown) 597.27;5, Originpharm.com Mischief Makers (James Belcher/Jonathon Belcher) 710.69;6, The Wee Scots (Laura Collins/Thomas Heyler) 979.53.Group 3 Jnr1, The Mud Inspectors (Ben Scott/Tamsyn Iveson) 192.37;2, Novaris Novices (Felicity Brown/Danielle Jackson) 328.55;3, The Risk Takers (Stephanie Casswell/Lauren West) 356.70;4, Flower Power (Harriett Gibbs/Victoria Turner) 429.19;5, Originpharm.com Mischief Makers (James Belcher/Jonathon Belcher) 441.88;6, Wittering Widgets (Danielle Jackson/Gemma Redrup) 495.92.Minis1, Team Xtreme (Jessica Annand/Eleanor Lloyd) 554.38;2, Nuts & Raisins (Emma Harrison/Stephanie Reynolds) 571.12;3, Mighty Mini’s (Edward Brown/Eleanor Lloyd) 632.78;4, The Woodhurst Wanderers (Olivia Wilkinson/William Rawlin) 638.72;5, The Black & White Minstrels (Amy Hannington/Alice Archer) 1046.63.

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