Join the Spillers challenge

  • Spillers lay down Cool Mix feed challenge – spot the difference in just six weeks and you could win a prize

    Spillers, the manufacturers of Cool Mix, which was launched earlier this year, has issued a challenge in a bid to encourage horse owners to try this popular feed.

    Spiller’s Cool Mix is a low energy, oat-free feed, which offers maximum nutrition and has proved ideal for horses that tend to “hot up” when fed oats and is also suitable for horses who are in light work yet still require vital nutrients.

    This low-energy feed is said to supply enough energy for a horse to compete at riding club level without making him fizzy. The feed contains NovaMin-S, which is a unique blend of nutrients concentrated in diamond shaped biscuits to improve condition and ensure that your horse receives vital micronutrients.

    Cost at around £6.65 for a 20kg bag.

    The Cool Mix Challenge has been designed to help owners monitor the improvement in their horses -the pack contains a score card and management tips for winter-feeding. Scores are assessed on condition, temperament with a before an after picture.

    Owners who return the completed score card willreceive a special Spillers baseball cap and owners whose record is featured as part of the publicity campaign will also receive a Cool Challenge fleece waistcoat.

    For more information on Spiller’s Cool Mix and to register for the Cool Mix Challenge contact the helpline (tel:01908 226 626) or visit www.spillers-feeds.com

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