Jersey Horse Driving Society Show, 6 May


    private driving nov horse or pony (R Wiggins) 1, E Le Marquand’s Cwmnantgwyn Coffee Cream; 2, A Butel’s Colliers Apollo; 3, L Fenlon’s Rangeview Riddle. exercise vehicle 1, B Le Marquand’s Staines Ap-Pip; 2, Cwmnantgwyn Coffee Cream; 3, R Bownes’s Ovington Hermes (T Robinson). private driving exc 13.2hh 1 & sup, M Littlechild’s Minyfford Middlemarch; 2, M Robinson’s Gemma; 3, J Vibert’s Burnhead Jester. not exc 13.2hh 1, B Le Marquand’s Staines Minstrel; 2, Ovington Hermes (R Bownes); 3, Staines Ap-Pip (F Rabet). best turned-out horse/pony van or light trade 1, C Ahier’s Boblands Miss Margaret; 2, V Obbard’s Percy; 3, J Vibert’s Yorkshire Ben. country class 1, P&P Gouedart’s Midsummers Magic; 2, Boblands Miss Margaret; 3, E Le Marquand’s Bleachgreen Firecracker. pairs and tandems 1, B Le Marquand’s Staines Minstrel and Staines Ap-Pip; 2, R Bownes’s Ovington Hermes and Marbon M’Lord (T Robinson). donkey driving 1, Jersey Donkey Home’s Dickie (K Moulin); 2, Jersey Donkey Home’s Pedro (P Knight); 3, Jersey Donkey Home’s Francis (R Le Masurier). donkey in-hand 1, Pedro; 2, Jersey Donkey Home’s Vino; 3, Dickie. non-Hackney not exc 12.2hh on the move 1 & res, Marbon M’Lord (A Butel); 2, Ovington Hermes (T Robinson); 3, Rangeview Riddle. non-Hackney 12.2-14.2hh on the move 1, Midsummers Magic (P Gouedart); 2, Burnhead Jester. non-Hackney exc 14.2hh on the move 1 & ch, Gemma. young driver 1, K Gallichan; 2, Z Gallichan; 3, C Gallichan. nov whip 1, L Surcouf; 2, J Pollard; 3, M Cobden. concours d’elegance over 13.2hh (P Rossignol) 1, Minyffordd Middlemarch. concours d’elegance under 13.2hh 1, Ovington Hermes and Marbon M’Lord.

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