Inside the National Stud Foaling Unit

    • The ‘T’ shaped unit has 20 boxes plus a staff room.
    • All the stables, which are accessible from internal corridors, are a minimum of 16’x16′, with rubber coated floors, CCTV cameras, heaters, rounded corners and dust extractors.
    • They have deep wheat straw beds, and are emptied, steam cleaned and disinfected between foalings.
    • All the equipment needed for foaling is kept in a trolley, which is wheeled to the right stable when needed.
    • The unit has a kitchen and laboratory plus a telephone to enable staff to call a vet if necessary.
    • It is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the breeding season.
    • Sue Caldwell’s Foaling Simplified, written for students and mare owners alike, is available from Weatherbys Allen Ltd (tel: 01933 440077).

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