How safety conscious are you?

  • The BHS and the Medical Equestrian Association are inviting riders to attend a symposium on safety

    The British Horse Society has teamed up with the Medical Equestrian Association to offer riders the chance to attend a symposium on safety. The meeting will be held on Saturday 19 October at The Quality Hotel in Leamington Spa, Warwicks.

    The day begins at 10am and topics covered throughout the day willbe:

  • Safety – past, present and future.
  • The provision and value of training courses.
  • Frangible fences.

    The topic frangible fences should prove an area that generates discussion as people talk about how to make fences safer.

    Speakers include riders and commentators, plus representatives from British Eventing and the British Driving Society.

    Andy Mellor and Juliet Laurie, researchers from the Transport Research Laboratory, will also be present to explain more about their research on frangible fences.

    There will be a break for lunch and the day is expected to end at around 4pm.

    Tickets for the symposium are available from the BHS and are priced at either £125, (which includes dinner, overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and refreshments), or £55, (which includes, lunch and refreshments).

    For more information contact the BHS Safety Department (tel: 01926 707782) or visit www.bhs.org.uk?>

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