How healthy is your dog?

  • Results of a survey carried out by Iams show that some of Britain’s dogs are not as healthy as they should be

    According to a study carried out by pet food manufacturer Iams, some of Britain’s dogs are suffering as a result of poor diets and lack of exercise.

    The study was carried out by the “IAMS MOT team” which consisted of qualified vet nurses and nutrition advisors. They toured the UK offering free nutrition advice whilst undertaking health checks of dogs in eight major cities.

    The team looked at the visible health signs of dogs and marked each dog of out ten for their general health – ranging from the condition of their coat through to the sparkle in their eyes.

    The aim is to help people understand the importance of regular health checks and a balanced nutritional diet suitable for the dog’s age and lifestyle.

    The Iams survey found that the major issuesfacing UK dogs are lack of energy, poor and shabby coats, obesity and generally a lack of dog ‘joie de vivre’.

    According to their results, dogs in Coventry are the healthiest. They came top in the dog health stakes getting topmarks for ears, eyes and energy.

    Newcastle dogs had the best condition coats but in Nottingham the situation couldn’t be bleaker – their dogs are the unhealthiest and most obese.

    Jo Stonehewer, veterinary surgeon, recommends that all dog owners carry out regular health checks: “It is crucial to monitor the health of your dog regularly to identify when treatment may be necessary. Regular checks and correct feeding can drastically improve the health of your cat or dog and give you a better chance of a long, happy life with them.”

    If you would like to carry out your own Iams pet MOT then click here to visit and print off their ten point health guide.

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