How Countryside Online Dating helped me find a perfect horsey partner

  • When I returned from Newcastle University in 2007, I was living at home with my parents, building a flock of sheep and all my old friends had left the area. Reality hit pretty hard, but I took the initiative and joined my local hockey and rugby club. My social life went from nothing to hectic in a very short period, but meeting suitable women was not easy.

    Going to the local hunt and hunt balls wasn’t an option for meeting anyone new because I grew up with everyone through young farmers. If I were to describe it on Facebook, our relationship status would be “complicated”. It seemed the only nice girls I met were girlfriends of my friends, but at least I knew there were good single people out there — all I had to do was find them.

    I remember sitting having a few beers with my mates when one of them pointed out that the only female in the pub was the 80-year-old barmaid Jill. Don’t get me wrong, Jill is great, but surely there is a better way to meet people? Without knowing anything about countryside online dating I jotted on a beer mat that we need a countryside social media website and three months later KissingGates.com was born.

    I launched KissingGates.com out of necessity, to put myself in touch with the other people experiencing the same problem, and jumped into the deep end of online dating. I was obviously the first member and I soon found that there were a lot of people experiencing similar problems. The more I talked to people, the more I realised KissingGates.com could help singletons of all ages.

    A good example is my parent’s gardener, who was recently divorced when I convinced him to join KissingGates.com. I think that when you get divorced you default to a fight or flight mode — either stay at home and feel sorry for yourself or go out and take advantage of your freedom. Our gardener did the latter and two years later was married to his amazing new partner. who he met through KissingGates.com, so it does work!

    My own Horse Dating experience

    My own online dating experience came at a very early stage of my exposure to dating as a whole. I had never actually been on a date before I went online countryside dating and I remember my first date clearly. We met in a local pub, but her identical twin came too and I couldn’t tell the difference between them all night — it was not the best start.

    After a couple of other dates, and a little break, I met my current partner of two years. Despite the initial difficulties of meeting someone locally, I found my girlfriend online but she actually only lives three miles away. I think meeting now is perfect for us both and we have just moved in together at her stables.

    I often wonder if we would have met without KissingGates.com and I don’t know, maybe, but going online definitely opened my eyes and connected me with other like-minded people improving my odds. I would recommend KissingGates.com to anyone single over 18 and it is free to register today.


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