Horse powers rubbish removal

  • Mid Devon District Council has employed the services of a horse to clear woodland in Tiverton of rubbish and debris dumped by fly tippers.

    The local authority enlisted the help of Tamsin Wacher, from Blackdown Hills, and her horse Gypsy, a 15.3hh blue and white Clydesdale cross mare, to access an area of woodland at Palmerston Park in Tiverton, Devon.

    The pair, who work under the name Trick Timber Extraction, have previously worked for the National Parks bruising bracken and removing logs.

    “The council approached me with the idea of clearing the sitebut to be honest I was a bit dubious,” explained Tamsin. “However, once we got there it was no different to logging.”

    It took three days, working from 8am to 5pm to clear the site which is located between a housing and industrial estate.

    “It is a really nice piece of woodland but was full of 30 years of waste. We found fridges, freezers, old microwaves and televisions – you name it and it was there.

    “Gypsy was a superstar, all the children and families from the housing estate came out to see her working and to say hello, and I think they were all really chuffed with what we had done.”

    John Mathias, an environmental co-ordinator for the council said: “Initially I called Tamsin because I couldn’t get anyone onto the site with mechanical clearing equipment but I am really pleased with what they have done. They had a lot less impact on the land than machinery would have done and would definitely use them again”

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