Horse of the Year Show showjumping results, 6-10 October

  • Puissance.— 1eq, Promised Land (T Fletcher), GB and Ladina B (E Whitaker), GB; 3eq, Loughnatousa WB (P Miller), GBR & Oksana W (E Thompson), GBR. International, 7 Oct: Xerox Special Event Services cup.— 1, Kanselier (E Whitaker), GB; 2, Billy Angelo (W Funnell), GB; 3, Fresh Direct K2 (T Stockdale), GB. Sky Sports Trophy.— 1, CS Online (E Whitaker); 2, Cippolini Van De Gasthoeve (N Bruynseels), BEL; 3, Flaming Star (D Neilson), GB. Jump 4 Joy trophy.— 1, Equimax Ocolado (E Whitaker); 2, Rostaar (R Whitaker), GB; 3, Fresh Direct Kalico Bay (T Stockdale). 8 Oct: Dick Turpin stakes.— 1, Valentino VII (S Hutton), GB; 2, Murka’s Mr Bacardi (P Charles), GB; 3, Cippolini Van De Gasthoeve. HOYS.co.uk cup.— 1, Beluga II (L Renwick), GB; 2, CS Online; 3, For A Smile (S Hutton). Zinc Event Management trophy.— 1, Omelli (R Whitaker); 2, Murka’s Rubert R (P Charles); 3, Torinto Van De Middlestede (G Williams), GB. 9 Oct: Dennis Fisher memorial cup.— 1, Paillon Z (R Hemeryck), BEL; 2, Wexford (J Kirk), BR; 3, Goodman For Fun II (J Pay), GB. accumulator.— 1, Mullaghdrin Gold Rain (S Breen), IRL; 2, Pontiac (S Lafouge), FRA; 3, Argento (J Whitaker), GB. 10 Oct: Vinopolis speed horse of the year.— 1, Chauvinist (D Neilson), GB; 2, Temple Ryefield (P Barker), GB; 3, Rostaar. Horse & Hound Foxhunter.— 1, Parvati De Breve (L Renwick); 2, Wembley III (S Crippen); 3, Waldemar (S Babes). National: British Showjumping amateur classic.— 1, Limerick (D Fairclough); 2, Belle Fleur (A Measor); 3, Tormaukin (K Ellison). Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, Molly Malone V (A Condon); 2, Strijder IV (G Crumley); 3, Ursula XII (M Turnbull). 7- & 8-y-o.— 1, Waterstone II (R Whitaker); 2, Argento (K Durham); 3, Super Trooper De Ness (N Boulter). 9 Oct: 6-y-o.— 1, Don VHP Z (L Pavitt); 2, Zed II (D Walsh); 3, Zoomeroos (A Thompson). 10 Oct: grade C.— 1, Super Trooper De Ness; 2, Tenor FM (M Armstrong); 3, Coco Loco (J Annett). Junior and young riders: Squibb Demolition pony Foxhunter.— 1, Amelie JR Z (T Plaster); 2, Rumworth Taylors Twilight (C Duggan); 3, Nookie Bear (A East). Blue Chip pony newcomers.— 1, Rumworth Taylors Twilight; 3, Song Girl (M Allen); 3, Romany Jane (F Pickard). YR.— 1, Chauvinist (D Neilson); 2, Olympia III (S Hutton); 3, Titi D’Oase (L Guild). 128cm.— 1 & 2, Pendini & Rapidash II (J Hewitt); 3, Martha’s Darling (F Adams). 138cm.— 1 & 2, My Bugsy Malone & Oakhurst In The Spotlight (D Ward); 3, Parla (C Pritchard). leading pony jumper of the year.— 1, Tixylix (J Mendoza); 2, Bob Justice (L Pritchard); 3, Colour Of Money (T Wilks).

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