Horse & Hound news quiz: The week that was

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    Four-star eventing pony Theodore O’Connor has been put down after being injured in an accident at rider Karen O’Connor’s barn.

    He was spooked while walking to the arena and slipped as he bolted back to the barn, severing the tendons and ligaments in a hind leg.

    The 14.1hh eventer won himself a huge fan club on both sides of the Atlantic when he defied his tiny size to finish third at Rolex Kentucky in 2007 and sixth this year.

    The 13-year-old also won team and individual gold medals at the Pan American games last year and was on the short-list for the American team at this year’s Olympics in Hong Kong.

    Photo by Shannon Brinkman

    Q2: Which Irish show jumper has ruled themselves out of the Olympics?

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