Horror of “hanged” dogs in Spain

  • An international charity is urging people to write to the President of Spain to protest over the hanging of Greyhounds used in hare coursing

    An investigation by the World Societyfor the Protection of Animals says thousands of Spanish Greyhounds (galgos) used in hare coursing are hanged when they “have served their purpose” at the end of each season.

    The findings were made in the Castilla y Leon and Castilla la Mancha regions with the helps of a Spanish animal charity, Scooby, which runs a canine rescue shelter. The practice is also believed to be a problem in Andalucia and Extremadura.

    Investigator for WSPA, Alistair Findlay, said: “It is scandalous that Spain, a country currently holding presidency of the European Union, is allowing man’s best friend to be so cruelly and callously abused in this manner.

    “This is a graphic example of why a national animal welfare law isso desperately need in Spain.”

    The charity not only found evidence of dead dogs with nooses around their necks, but also of hung dogs being set on fire.

    The society said it learnt that dogs which had raced badly were typically hung low to give them a slower death.

    Jonathan Owen from WSPCA said: “It’s become a tradition to kill the dogs in this way. And it’s done as a spectacle – there’s plenty of evidence of wine and cigarette butts in the areas where the dogs are found.

    “It’s also very worrying that hare coursing is becoming increasingly popular in Spain.”

    He is urging dog lovers to write to protest to: Jose Maria Anzar, President of Spain, Presidente del Gobierno, Complejo de la Monloa, 28071 Madrid, Spain, or e-mail: jmaznar@presidencia.gob.es

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