Horrific photos show horse bolting after bridle is accidentally removed at tack check

  • As this picture sequence shows, Aachen’s major international show turned into a hellish nightmare for one rider. Her horse’s bridle was accidentally removed during the post-test tack check and he bolted around the show ground, injuring himself.

    The Swedish combination of Juliette Ramel and Buriel KH finished their grand prix test and were having their tack checked by an FEI steward when the accident took place.

    The horse was wearing a fly veil which, when removed, caused the entire headpiece of the bridle to come off over the surprised horse’s ears as the noseband was already undone to allow the FEI steward to check his bits.

    Juliette immediately realised there was a problem, and jumped off to try to restrain the 11-year-old by Osmium out of a Krack C mare.

    The KWPN gelding, who represented Sweden at the Rio Olympics last year, got a fright and bolted. The Swedish support team were on hand to try and stop him, but they weren’t able to, and he fled with the bridle flapping alarmingly round his chest and legs.

    It was insult to injury for the rider, who had just ridden a problematic test in the Nations Cup grand prix — far below the pair’s usual impressive form. Juliette had even made an error of course.

    Juliette told the Swedish publication Ridsport that the steward had given her the option of completing the tack check in the stables, a fact that the rider disputes.

    As a result of his escapade, Buriel is stiff and has some scrapes. Juliette has not released specific details of Buriel’s injuries, simply stating that “the plan going forward depends entirely on how Buriel K.H is feeling”.

    We wish him a speedy recovery.

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