Highland Pony Breed Show 11 July ’04

  • HIGHLAND PONY BREED Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder, 11 July

    in-hand (M Taylor) stallion 1 & res sup, W & M Nelson’s Glenmuir Lochinvar; 2, R & J Alexander’s Kestrel Of Fourmerk; 3, W Simpson’s Chapelhill Vegas. gelding 1, I & R McInroy’s Rob Roy Of Milroy; 2, A McLeod’s Howard Of Forglen; 3, S Fairfield’s Macallum Of Millfield. yeld mare, competing in other sections 1, P Gray’s Pipers Black Bryony; 2, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 3, M Forsyth’s Hosefield Briar Rose. do, not competing in other sections 1 & sup, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Laurel Of Langley; 2, C McQuattie’s Eilish Of Strathmore: 3, J A Baird’s Whitefield Fancy Of Ballydougan. brood mare 1, G M Baird’s Gloria Of Whitefield; 2, J Dykes’s Verona Of Mendick; 3, C McQuattie’s Mirren Of Strathmore. filly foal 1 & ch, C McQuattie’s Varrie Of Strathmore; 2, S Wardrop’s Jennifer Of Carlung; 3, M Campbell’s Tormaukin Rowan. do colt 1, G M Baird’s colt; 2, J Dykes’ Braemar Of Mendick; 3, R & J Alexander’s Heriot Of Fourmerk. filly, 3-y-o 1, J Hendrie’s Tower Fraoch; 2, W Simpson’s Chapelhill Tess; 3, S Wardrop’s Grace Of Carlung. colt/gelding, 3-y-o 1, T & J Connell’s Rannoch Of Achnacarry; 2, R Gray-McMath’s Strathmore Brodie; 3, N Munro’s Strathmore Logan. filly, 2-y-o 1, G M Baird’s Katie Of Whitefield; 2, R & J Alexander’s Fourmerk Heather Honey; 3, J Hendrie’s Tower Tiger Lily. colt/gelding, 2-y-o 1, W Allan’s Macbeth Of Millfield; 2, J Hendrie’s Tower Angus; 3, B Haliburton’s Callum Of Brathens. filly, y’ling 1, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Silver Flute; 2, J Dykes’ Ailsa Of Mendick: 3, R Davidson’s Trowan Madonna. colt/gelding y’ling 1, J Dykes’ Atholl Of Mendick; 2, K Logan’s Brockloch Beinn; 3, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Odhran Of Langley. ridden (K Blackmore) open, 14hh 1, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 2, A Scott’s Trowan Cultoon Moss; 3, S Fox’s Trossachs Hiker. do 14hh & over 1 & sup, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, L MacDonald’s Dunedin Fair Isle; 3, J McNaught’s Ghillie Of Netherbrae. do Picton nov 1 & res sup, H S McGregor’s Steffiedene; 2, E McKechnie’s Dunstaffanage Anuna; 3, M Grant’s Morven Of Turin Hill. nov 1, A Mitchell’s Dunedin Megan; 2, L Gourdie’s Sally Of Inverdarrock; 3, A McLeod’s Howard Of Forglen. do nursery nov 1, B Malim’s Torrin Of Croila; 2, V Bogan’s Moss-side Of Inverey;3, A Mitchell’s Dunedin Magnus. do Jnr 1, S Kerfoot’s Archibald Of Glendoll: 2, A Scott’s Trowan Cultoon Moss; 3, S & G Bushby’s Lucy Of Langley. WHP (C Molyneux), open 1, R Macpherson. do int 1 & ch, A Scott’s Trowan Cultoon Moss; 2, C McVicar’s Doune Of Glenbuckie; 3, S Fox’s Trossachs Hiker. do nov 1, J McNaught’s Ghillie Of Netherbrae; 2, E McKechnie’s Dunstaffanage Anuna: 3, A Nisbet’s Dunedin Victor. show jumping (J Cepok) 1, A Scott’s Trowan Cultoon Moss; 2, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 3, C McVicar’s Dalblair Of Stanford. dressage (K Hynd), prelim 7 1, E MacKechnie’s Dunstaffanage Anuna; 2, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 3, S Kerfoot’s Archibald Of Glendoll. do nov 24 (P Jardine Patterson) 1, S Fox’s Trossach’s Hiker; 2, J Cameron’s Strathardle Corriechoille; 3, R Macpherson’s Trowan Callan. handy pony (P Kennard) 1, A Nisbet’s Dunedin Victor; 2, E MacKechnie’s Dunstaffanage Anuna; 3, C Robertson’s Strathleven MacDuff. young handlers (S Brooks), 8-11-y-o 1, A Black’s Kings Ransom Of Armoury; 2, M Forsyth’s Hosefield Briar Rose. do 12-16-y-o 1 & ch, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 2, S Yeaman’s North Wells May Rose; 3, A Scott’s Trowan Cultoon Moss.

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