H&H columnists’ have their say

William Fox-Pitt says . . .

“British riders have dominated the five recent major three-day events giving little ground away to other nations.

Thanks to Lottery funding, British riders enjoyed strong back-up at each event through the presence of World Class Performance Plan personnel. This has clearly been money well spent, giving riders support and confidence.

Yogi Breisner must be quietly pleased but, of course, it is pre-Athens that we need to produce this kind of form.”

Stuart Hollings says . . .

“Any initiative to encourage breeders to attend major shows to ‘create a shop window’ is to be welcomed with open arms. Not only is The Royal Show continuing to offer prize-money to the breeders of the best UK-bred champions, but this year is awarding a £1,000 prize in an in-hand supreme.

Taking into account the rising costs and the hours of work put into producing a winner, this is the sort of reward we should be chasing up and down the country for — not the £15-£35, which is all too common”

Graham Fletcher says . . .

“The argument for banning the top 50 [riders from the Great Leighs Newcomers class] is presumably to give the amateur rider a chance, although most amateurs actually relish the chance to compete against the best in a HOYS final.

Like David beating Goliath or a giant-killing non-league football team progressing in the FA Cup, it’s what the sport is all about.

To deny amateur riders this opportunity is to insult their ability and ambition.”

Pammy Hutton says . . .

“Speaking to a judge recently, I was reminded that manners maketh the man (or woman).

This unfortunate official had emerged from a hot hut, dying for the loo and a cup of tea, to be besieged by a competitor and owner angrily waving a test sheet about, demanding explanations and not even pausing to introduce themselves.

Is this symptomatic of the lack or respect today’s society has for all figures of authority?”

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