H&H columnists’ have their say

Lucy Higginson says . . .

” ‘A total Horlicks’, is the phrase Ann Widdecombe used, and, for once, I agreed with her. In the Hunting Bill, the government has managed toappease no one while enraging everyone.

“A law to ban hunting — or as good as — would not just clip wings. It would destroy lives, and there are many, many people out there who just won’t have it.

“This whole business grows every more complex and confusing. Bad law makes for a bad mess.”

Graham Fletcher says . . .

“Everyone bemoans the fact that show jumping doesn’t get the coverage these days, but you can’t blame the media. Newspapers only send reporters to competitions we’re capable of winning. It’s when British representatives excel themselves that a sport reaps the benefits in terms of publicity.

“Former Dutch international rider Henk Nooren told me recently that hardly a weekend goes by when there isn’t at least 30mins show jumping on mainstream TV in Germany. But this nation was first and second in this year’s Aachen grand prix!”

Richard Phillips says . . .

“Along with our horses, it is time for the trainer to have a rest too, and I’m off on our annual trip to Spain to play golf with some owners and jockeys.

“Like last year, we will be taking each other on and lying about their handicap well into the early hours. Unfortunately, this year AP McCoy will not be with us due to his arm injury.

“One of the boys said: ‘Why can’t he come with us? It’s the only time we can take him on for money!’ Get well soon, AP.”

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