H&H columnists’ have their say

William Fox-Pitt says . . .

“It usually takes an experienced horse to win the Doubleprint British Open. With this in mind, Primmore’s Pride, holder of the national titlewith Pippa Funnell, will be the horse to watch.

“Gatcombe can be compared to a speed class in show jumping; where’s it’s not simply the speed that counts but the quality of the lines and turns. You don’t necessarily need a fast horse, but you do need a malleable, well-trained one.

“My money is on Bettiny Hoy with Ringwood Cockatoo.”

Lynn Russell says . . .

“The maximum height of show cobs has always been controversial . . . and regular readers will know that I’ve changed my mind. At one time I was worried that it could have a detrimental effect on type.

“However, that was then and this is now — the threat of a hunting ban and its horrific knock-on effects on employment and finance in the horse world has made me rethink. As long as we keep our standards crystal clear and have thejudges to maintain them, the “proper cob” will not be in danger.”

Pammy Hutton says . . .

“Our dressage horses, plus students, have been taking part in a “getting going” week, and where better to “get going” than across country? Yes we went for it! And by the end we could all canter in balance around the farm, clear small fenceswithout an ambulance in sight and everyone was staying in their saddles.

“This does improve dressage horses and riders. Amanti’s youngsters became less cautious and the riders got more with it. I remain adament that when horse and rider specialise too early, they both miss out.”

Nigel Peel says . . .

“The Pony Club. Those three words conjure up childhood visions of school holidays — wrong tent at Pony Club camp, apple bobbing, elimination in the show jumping, appalling dressage at the area trials and hunting.

“The great secret of wanting to go on riding for the rest of one’s life is often born from the enjoyment and pleasure had at Pony Club level. It has got to be fun, it has got to be hugely enjoyable and if those two principles are kept to the fore, the knowledge and ability will come.”

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