H&H columnists’ have their say

  • Horse &Hound Editor Lucy Higginson says . . .

    “With Richmond Horse Show now defunct, and HOYS based in Birmingham, it is important to keep one major horse event [Royal Windsor] easily accessible by public transport in the south-east, aside from Olympia.

    “There’s nothing like the chance to see sporting heroes in the flesh to keep enthusiasts keen. Let’s hope the sun shines brightly on future Royal Windsors”

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    Mark Phillips says . . .

    “In 2002, 10% of the tickets for Badminton were sold online. This year it was 40% and the site had a colossal number of hits and page impressions.

    I’m not computer literate, but that seems toadd up to a lot of interest in our sport and commercial opportunities for sponsors.

    “Make no mistake, the CCI**** is the most successful part of our sport and at Badminton, Hugh Thomas seems to have the right formula.”

    Lynn Russell says . . .

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the hardest things about showing horses is getting them entered in the first place. I hate paperwork at the best of times, but entry forms are getting worse than tax returns.

    “Some of them are so complicated you need a degree in economics . . . am I supposed to be a rider or an accountant?

    “I sometimes wonder how on earth I manage to get the right horse to the right show!”

    Graham Fletcher says . . .

    “I was so sad to hear about the death of Joe Turi . . . his colourful character and infectious enthusiasm for our sport brought show jumping nothing but positive publicity.

    “Three British riders finished in the top 10 [at the Seoul Olympics], with Joe in sixth place. Not only did he prove what a good team player he was, but if some riders who have worn British flags in recent years had been as much of a fighter as Joe was for his adopted country, we would have won more Nations Cups.”

    Willy Poole says . . .

    “So where do hounds go in summer? I believe there are some hunting people who think they get wrapped in cling film and put away in a dark, dry cupboard for the duration. [Unfortunately ] it is not so easy.

    “Hounds have to be kept fit and amused during the increasingly boring days of summer. We have all seen the results of ‘summer boredom’ among human members of the hunt!

    “I wouldn’t mind a slice of it myself, but I am far too busy.”

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