H&H advent calendar: 17 December

  • Welcome to day 17 of Horse & Hound’s advent calendar. Today’s special offer is the chance to save £1 when buying H&H’s book ‘Stable Stereotypes’ in the H&H Shop

    Based on the very popular Horse & Hound series, Stable Stereotypes brings to life all the many lovable, irritating and odd personalities that we all know.

    Brilliant illustrations by equestrian artist Dianne Breeze enhance the witty text, which features over eighty different characters described and brought to life.

    No part of the horse-world escapes in this hugely entertaining guide to the foibles of the equestrian community.

    We meet them all: the Yard Know-it-All, the Horse Trials Supporter, Sally Safety, the Pony Club Granny, the Mother From Hell, the High-Goaler’s Girl, the Olympics Prospect, the Reluctant Loader, the Buyer’s Friend, the Beleaguered Husband, the Tuckshop Terror, the First-Time Dressage Writer, the Pet Collector, the Pony Club Lothario and many more.

    A cleverly written and hilarious read, Stable Stereotypes is the perfect gift for all horsey people and perhaps will even give their long-suffering families an opportunity for some gently humourous revenge!

    Buy Stable Stereotypes for £6.99 in H&H Shop. Offer runs until 31 December 2010. NB: Due to issues with Royal Mail, unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery before 25 December.

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