Hexham Native Horse and Pony Show 25 July ’04

  • HEXHAM NATIVE HORSE AND PONY Linnel Wood, Hexham, 25 July

    Irish Draught (N Grubb), y’ling/2/3-y-o filly/gelding 1, R & D Bowman’s Moonstruck Melody: 2, R & D Bowman’s Bramhope Black Velvet; 3, M Flynn’s Killashandra. do mare/gelding 1 & res sup, E Lord’s Ballineen Glen Abbess; 2 & res, E McNaughton’s Carrabawn Crossing; 3, H Glendenning’s Askwith Midnight Mosaic. Irish Draught Sport Horse gelding 1 & sup ch, M Meer’s Magellan; 2 & res, J Cameron’s Jean Alesi. ridden (N Grubb, T Southern) pure bred gelding 1 & res, H Glendenning’s Askwith Midnight Mosaic; 2, D Rudd’s Lady’s Castle Moyle; 3, M Chambers’ Ferroch. do sport horse, gelding 1 & sup, Magellan; 2, Jean Alesi; 3, C McCrory’s Summer Of Tanfield.sml Irish Draught/ID Sport Horse, mare/gelding 15.3hh 1, S Murray’s Ambers Diamond Cluster; 2, J Davidson’s My Red Alert; 3, M Eason’s Portlongfield Heiress. hunters (L Ridley) ridden show 1, H Glendenning’s Askwith Midnight Mosaic; 2, P Thompson’s Just A Fluke; 3, M Reay’s Maisey Flower. nov working hunter 1, J Davidson’s My Red Alert; 2, R Claydon’s A Good Deed; 3, H Lear’s Roma Froggy Mill. Cleveland Bays (S Emmerson) ridden pure/part-bred 1, M Reay’s Maisey Flower; 2, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Dixidale; 3, S Murray’s June Supreme. pure bred mare, in foal or stinted 1 & res, Beamish Museum’s Stainmore Briar Rose. do foal 1 & ch, Beamish Museum’s Beamish Rosemary. part-bred 1 & ch, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Jubilee; 2 & res, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor St George; 3, M Reay’s Sierra. M&M in-hand, P(UK) Glyn Greenwood (C Morland), large breeds 4-y-o & over 1, E Allen’s Tireve What’s Wanted; 2, J Grant’s Burnside Erin; 3, R Sloane’s Newtown Rose. do sml breeds 1, M Morgetroyd’s Winneydene Morning Light; 2, W Dunn’s Hisley Diplomat; 3, G Rawlinson’s Blackamoor Madam Butterfly. do y’stck, lge breeds 1 & sup M&M, R Charlton’s Linnel Jemima; 2, A Newall’s Southernwood Milkyway; 3, D Bain’s Heugh Pendragon. do brood mare 1 & res, S Welford’s Leadgate Black Beauty. do foal 1, S Welford’s Leadgate Black Phantom. ridden, P(UK)Kingford (C Morland), lge breeds 1 & res, S Dowdeswell’s Glenkyle Star; 2, N Buckley’s Newton Cora; 3, G Rawlinson’s Clarmont Star. do sml breeds 1 & res sup M&M, L Davidson’s Stokesbury Daydream; 2, W Dunn’s Rekcilf Fairground Diplomacy; 3, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Raphael. NPS/Micor LR 1 & mini ch, M Bell’s Rekcilf Lucky Tansey; 2, J Baird’s Wensley Flax; 3, Z Cowell’s Breamish Julian. do FR 1 & res, A Carr’s Rhoson Sionic; 2, L Gardener’s Heathpool Seton; 3, M Bell’s Rekcilf Lucky Tansey. NPS/RHR Demolition jnr ridden, lge breeds 1 & ch, R Charlton’s Linnel Pearl; 2, G & res, Rawlinson’s Clarmont Star; 3, E Allen’s Tireve What’s Wanted. do sml breeds 1, M Bell’s Rekcilf Lucky Tansey; 2, S Johnson’s Zephyr; 3, L Gardener’s Heathpool Uxellon. NPS Picton nov Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh A 1 & res, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Rosefinch; 2, W Dunn’s Rekcilf Fairground Diplomacy; 3, G Whetter’s Kinbrylie Bramble. do Welsh B/C 1, Z Cowell’s Coxwold Desire; 2, P Brown’s Cargen Quaver. do New Forest, Connemara 1 & ch, S Dowdeswell’s Glenkyle Star. do Fell, Highland, Dales, Welsh D 1,G Whetter’s Heltondale Pride; 2, J Welford’s Leadgate Jade. WHP P(UK) NW Supporters’ confined nov (A W Morland) 1, G Rawlinson’s Clarmont Star; 2, K Kirby’s Mosshill Clifden; 3, G Whetter’s Heltondale Pride. open unaffiliated 1, A Carr’s Wharley Czar; 2, Clarmont Star; 3, R Charlton’s Linnel Pearl. do part-bred 1 & ch, P Dodds’ Drover’s Dark Secret; 2 & res, N Gould’s Redebank Harlequin Flyer. Connemara (F Cameron) brood mare 1 & ch, R Williams’ Grayswood Village Sealark; 2, R Williams’s Hookey Regina; 3, J Blythman’s Mulberry Matilda. foal 1, R Williams’ Glenwood Stud Dun The Sun; 2, J Blythman’s Trident. 4-y-o & over 1, P Brown’s Rockmor Sable. y’ling/2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Baird’s Burgundy Sunshine; 2, R Williams’ Princess Grace; 3, R Williams’ Glenwood Studs Tasmin. ridden 1, P Brown’s Rockmor Sable; 2, K Kerby’s Mosshill Clifden; 3, SW Glenkyle Star.

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