Help for homeless dog owners

  • The National Canine Defence League launches a project in Oxford to help homeless people care for their dogs

    Oxford has become the latest city to take part in a scheme run by the canine charity National Canine Defence League to help homeless people meet the cost of preventative veterinary care for their dogs.

    The scheme, which has been running nationwide for the past seven years, supplies vouchers to the homeless at local centres, such as those run by the Salvation Army.

    The homeless dogs owners are given a list of veterinary surgeons who participate in the scheme and are prepared to give health checks and treatment such as neutering, vaccinations and worming in return for the voucher.

    The NCDL, which tries to encourage housing providers to accept dogs, also picks up the cost of the treatment.

    Campaign manager for the NCDL, Clare Kivelehan, said: “Although the NCDL does not encourage homeless people to acquire dogs, the charity understands that a dog is man’s best friend and we will do everything in our power to give that dog the best chance possible.”

    Returns for 2001 have shown that more than 600 people used the voucher scheme last year.

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