Heathfield, Sussex, May 28 ’06

  • Heathfield, Sussex, May 28 ’06

    hunter, lwt 1, A Blaker’s Flashman; 2, P Merton’s Penstrumbly Abram; 3, M Philpott & N Sibley’s Varston Bouy Ahoy. mwt 1, P Webb’s Acton Piccador; 2, L Crammond’s Beckett III; 3, D Daniels’ Cross My Heart. hwt 1 M Philpott & N Sibley’s Chapelwell; 2, B Mills & P Rush’s Clarence; 3, N Carpenter’s Pencader Spot On. sml 1 & res, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’ Coolroy Caspian; 2, P Baker’s Bourne Spring; 3, T Deja’s Hurlers Cross. local WH 1, H Baker’s Hansome Samson; 2, A Wheeler’s Bright Colours; 3, J Hallett’s Ascendancy. cob, lwt 1 & res, N Proctor’s Parys White Mischief; 2 J Padmore’s Louis. hwt 1 & ch, L Richardson’s Scorpius. side-saddle concours d’elegance 1, S Boxall’s Parkland Scenic; 2, A Martin’s Tollerhayes Bowlyne. equitation 1, Parkland Scenic; 2, Tollerhayes Bowlyne. RH, sml 1 & res, C Holt’s Fishermans Blues; 2, R Chadwick’s Way Out Yonder; 3, C Wilkins’ Blues Missile. lge 1 & ch, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’ Merlin; 2, E Curtis’ Double Chance; 3, M Cheese’s Chester Draws. BSPS LR 1, T Baldwin’s Lowlands Jet Set; 2, V Nunn’s Bengad Rambler Rose. mixed ht SP, not ex 148cm 1, J Salter’s Breglen Masquerade; 2, J Knight’s Barway Tigers Eye; 3, Farrell & Sale’s Blithbury Bianca. SHP 133cm 1 & ch, V Tucker’s Mighty Fly; 2 & res, J Mackay’s Thistledown Royal Cadet; 3, J Knight’s Bradmore Possum. 153cm 1, R Wells’ Mischievous Lady; 2, J Bourne’s The Artist; 3, S Finnemore’s Parina. pot sport horse y’ling 1, J Colbourne’s Plutos Knight; 2 F Peirce’s Unbelievable Jewel. 2-y-o 1 & ch, P Armitage’s Mistaken Identity. 3 y-o 1&res, N Power’s Puzzles Peaches And Cream; 2, H Underwoood’s Cholderton Gladrial; 3, P Adams’ Littledale Love Affair. M&M in-h Fell 1, B Joyce’s Restar Gaylad; 2, S Rees’ Meres Jupiter; 3, C Sutton’s Tebay Silver Cloud. — 1, M Tratt’s Blackthorn Persuasion; 2, R Terry & P Schmidt’s Thameside Hickory; 3, M Tratt’s Blackthorn Sea Perch. 1, A Reeves’ Aysgarth Purple Heath; 2 A Reeves’ Aysgarth Rebecca. Highland 1, S Varlet’s Guinevere Of Whitefield; 2, R Lovegrove’s Balleroy Fenella; 3, Brownbread Stud’s Brownbread Tabitha. Connemara 1, E Westgate’s Bearwood Tia Maria 2, H Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 3, Hon Harries & P Harrison’s Hayselden Ion. Dartmoor y’stk 1 & res, S Nugent’s Uppacott Crystal; 2, J Shairp’s Hisley Pas De Deux. 4-y-o & over 1&ch, H Waters’ Dunnabridge; 2 R Thornley-Taylor’s Vean Zoe; 3, J Hobden’s Covdale Gigi. sec A, y’stk 1, F Harding’s Blisland Killian; 2, S & J Rand’s Duranti Maybe Magic; 3, M Blick’s Dukeshill Peeping Tom. 4-y-o & over 1, K James’ Polaris Ulrica; 2 J & S Hobden’s Waxwing Xcess; 3, F Harding’s Blisland Killian. sec B y’stk 1, M Blick’s Whisperdale Jumanji. 4-y-o & over 1, P Cole’s Pennway Peregrine; 2, GC Clements’ Langhurst Maybee; 3, M Hanson’s Pennway Colombus. sec C 1, L Deacon’s Silwood Fancy Free; 2, K Robson’s Barnmeddow Peregrine; 3, P James’ Stocksmith Casstor Troy. sec D 1, A Thomas’ Navestock Welsh Flier; 2, K Robson’s Stationtown Thomas 3, J & S Hobden’s Gwair Megan. Shetland 4-y-o & over 1 J & S Hobden’s Kirkside Mortimer; 2, D Barr’s Hose Rambler; 3, M Tratt’s Elsinore Luke Skywalker. y’stk 1, K Whitmee’s Cranford Tableau; 2, K Spillett’s Avomlie Black Bandit. miniature Shetland 4-y-o 1, R Jones’ Kerswell Morello; 2, K Whitmee’s Cranford Nereus; 3, A Sansom’s Boltwood Delicia. y’stk 1, Hon Casswell’s Monkshill Exotic; 2, E Howe’s Wenlockedge Isabella; 3, U J Waddy’s Balmedie Sophie. New Forest 1, K Snow’s Millersford Eagles Wood; 2, K Miles’ Button’s Boy; 3, V Link’s Dorridge Nobleman. young handler 1, Hobden’s Waxwing Excess; 2, A Bailey’s Tyrcoeds Bliss; 3, A Martin’s Tollerhayes Bowylne. M&M LR 1, T Davidson’s Lacy Targed; 2, D Barr’s Firle Cotton Tail; 3, N Burnett’s Wharley Rafeki. M&M FR 1, D Barr’s Dryfe China Doll; 2, M Hanson’s Penway Colombus; 3, G Hazzard’sM&M ridden small 1, Terry & Schmidt’s Hawkwell; 2, L Smith’s Dunnabridge Dandy; 3, J Knight’s Defaelog Luke. large 1, Joyce & Turner’s Restar Gaylad; 2, S Douglas’ Toblerone; 3, Tyan Tullamore. M&M part-bred in-hand 1, S Kidd’s Top Totti; 2, C Langrish’s Oasthill Saffron; 3, H Watkins’ Whinfell Tom Kitten. CHAPS native in-hand 1 & res, J Morgan’s Bowbells Gypsy Moth; 2, A Welford’s Peggy’s Puzzle; 3, S Fortt’s Travellers Fortune; CHAPS y’stk 1 & ch, J & S Hobden’s Frosthill Jackaroo; 2, Travellers Fortune; 3, Puzzels Peaches & Cream. non-native ridden 1, K Keogh’s Lady Ellesse; 2, AJ Fisher’s Narramore Minstrel. ridden Arab 1, M Harwood’s Greashakyme; 2, E White’s Michelangelo Merisi; 3, JM Bishop’s Muzahla. Anglo, part-bred 1, J Nunn’s Maraday Top Flight. pure-bred Arab in-hand 1 & ch, Muzahla; 2, L Ewin’s Fairwinds Jedi; 3, L Payne’s True Shanto. Anglo/part-bred in-hand. 1, T Sage’s Ph Ocean-Athina. Shire, 4-y-o & over mare 1, R Lindsay’s Nashes Odette; 2, G & AR Winter’s Moorfield Belle; 3, R Lindsay’s Knutsford Amy. geld 1, G & AR Winter’s Nashes Classic; 2, M Prior’s Alans Joel; 3, J Matthews’ Patchlands Charlie. 3-y-o 1, W Langley’s Wheatland Knight; 2, J Roper’s Horsmans Bobby Dazzler. 2-y-o 1, P H Burgess Leninhall’s Jack Of Diamonds; 2, D L Littler’s Treflech Megan; 3, A E Perkins’ Woodcock Prince Edward. y’ling 1, J Roper’s Horsmans Moonlight; 2, A Matthews’ Croxhall Ebony; 3, J Roper’s Horsmand Melody. ridden heavy horse 1 A Woods’ Damsel; 2, A Fennell’s Harbridge Sailor Percheron; 3, A Fennel’s Hasholme Loire. tb in hand 1, J Burdon’s Tala’s Pear; 2 G Mather’s Golden Dynasty; 3, A Day’s Penny Valentine. TB ridden 1, E Curtis’ Double Chance; 2, Tala’s Pearl; 3, M Gray’s Biggles Boy.

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