Healthy herbal feed

  • Mollichaff Herbal with garlic can help maintain your horse’s respiratory and digestive tracts

    Feeding Mollichaff Herbal with garlic can help maintain a healthy respiratory tract. This dust-free chaff is manufactured using top quality straws, which are chopped and then dust-extracted.

    It is mixed with low sugar molasses for a light palatable feed and also has the advantage of added limestone to help correct the calcium and phosphorous imbalance found in cereals.

    Added extras include mint to aid palatability, rosemary to help with digestion and stimulate appetite and golden rod, also an appetite stimulant is useful for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

    Mollichaff Herbal can be fed to all types of horse and pony to add fibre or bulk to their diet.sales@horsehage.co.uk or alternatively visit www.horsehage.co.uk

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