Heads win

  • Bare Backs makes leather hats and caps suitable for all weathers

    Bare Backs stylish range of hats are hand crafted from genuine cowhide and tested in the harsh conditions to ensure they will last a lifetime.

    The robust construction includes a galvanised steel wire inserted into the rim. This allows you to shape the hat to your own style, as well as enabling the hat to keep its shape when wet. A hand-plaited band and an embossed stamp on the side of the crown make sure that these hats look good, as well as being hard wearing.

    The leather is treated, oiled, dyed and waxed and then prepared as oiled skin, nubuck skin and wax skin.

    Available in a range of stylesand finishes, which include the oiled leather hat, which is waterproof and the designer nubuck with colour trimmings.

    Cost at around £45.

    The new range of leather caps is perfect for those who don’t like wearing hats. A six-panel cap has an eyelid in each panel to ensure breathability for comfort. The front peak also has a galvanised wire in the brim so it could be shaped to form the style you prefer. There is a Velcro strap at the back to adjust the size and also brands our name.

    Formore information contact BARE BACKS (tel: 0870 3332303)

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