Haycube: A revolutionary feeding essential for all equines

  • The Haycube is a revolutionary hay feeding, soaking and transportation device.

    At 500mm x 600mm x 600mm, the Haycube is a handy size for all these tasks and can comfortably hold upto 2/3rds of a standard bale of hay.

    With integrated wheels, drainage plug, roll top lip and discreet wall attachment system, Haycube is convenient and safe for use by horses, owners and grooms.

    And if that wasn’t enough… the Haycube can be used absolutely anywhere!

    In the stable, field, yard, away at competitions, on training days… you name it, the Haycube can go there!

    Please note: after soaking and draining your hay you do not need to remove the hay from the Haycube — you simply feed your horse straight from it!

    A 10-day trial is currently available on all Haycubes

    Visit www.haycube.co.uk for more information.

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