Grass in a bag

  • If you are looking for nutrition, which tastes as good as it smells, then Graze-On dried grass could be the answer.

    Graze-On is a dried grass feed which is made from home-grown grass harvested at a highly nutritious stage of growth.

    Mould and spores are killed as the grass is flash dried at temperatures of 800§C within a few hours of being harvested from the field.

    The feed value is said to be almost identical to fresh grass as the process ensures that the goodness and moisture is sealed into the end product resulting in a very palatable feed.

    This natural product is dust-extracted, eliminating the need for binding agents and additives such as molasses.

    Graze-On can be fed alone, as part of a hard feed or as part of a forage ration and the short chop length is said to prolong eating time, therefore aiding good digestion.

    Cost at around £7 (5kg)

    For more information contact (tel: 01759 318302) or visit www.northerncropdriers.co.uk or email enquiries@northerncropdriers.co.uk

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