Grafton P-to-P

    Mollington, Sunday, 19 March (Good Good to Firm in places)

    509. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Teeton Glaive (Broadsword (USA)) (Sylvia Edmunds), 7a R Barrett
    2 Kingfisher Niamh (Paul Cowley), 7a P Cowley
    3 Wild Spice (IRE) (Heather Kemp) Mrs H Kemp

    Also: Court Alert (4), Simply The One (IRE) (5), fav, Grecian Star (6). 6 ran. 8l, 4l, 2l, 31/2l, 2l. 6min 19.0s. SP: 7-2. (Grafton).

    510. Confined, 12st1 Bullfinch (Anshan) (Derek Frankland) T Lane
    2 Three Spires (Fred Hutsby) Miss A Pattinson
    3 Finbar’s Revenge (Jenny Pidgeon), v, fav H Fowler

    Also: Crown And Cushion (4), Ardmayle (IRE) (5), Shiny Bay (IRE) (6), Finder Keeps (USA) (7), Tate Tirol (IRE) (pu). 8 ran. 6l, 1l, 1l, hd, hd, 7l. 6min 18.0s. SP: 4-1. (Bicester with Whaddon Chase).

    511. Intermediate, 12st

    1 Bolide du Aunay (FR) (Dadarissime (FR)) (Alan Hill) James Tudor
    2 Lord Attica (IRE) (Bradley Clarke) E Walker
    3 Ballyalbert (Harry Wheeler) G Disney

    Also: Solar King (4), bl, Light The Sky (5), Borderline Breeze (IRE) (6), Penders Wood (IRE) (ur), Wood Colony (USA) (f), fav. 8 ran. 1l, 30l, 8l, 15l, 6l. 6min 16.5s. SP: 7-1. (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

    512. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Filscot (Scottish Reel) (Sue Harbour) Miss E Harbour
    2 Lucky Bay (IRE) (Heather Kemp), fav Mrs H Kemp
    3 Miss Zarnni (Roger Harvey), 7a Miss S Phizacklea

    Also: Sing High (4), 7a, Mighty Montefalco (5), 7x, Top Buck (IRE) (6), Celtic Season (7), Cloak And Dagger (8), Bruan (IRE) (pu), Up The Glen (IRE) (pu). 10 ran. 4l, 10l, 5l, 10l, 20l, 12l, 20l. 6min 12.9s. SP: 7-1. (Berks & Bucks Drag).

    513. Volkswagen Touareg Mens Open, 12st5lb

    1 Hot Toddy (IRE) (Glacial Storm (USA)) (Guy Landau), fav N Pearce
    2 Be My Dream (IRE) (Claudia Wilesmith) M Wilesmith
    3 Persian Hero (IRE) (Caroline Bailey) J Russell

    Also: Danaeve (IRE) (4), Jacquemart Colombe (FR) (5), Guilsborough Gorse (6), Gilden Magic (pu). 7 ran. hd, 11/2l, 21/2l, 12l, 15l. 6min 14.0s. SP: 7-4. (Wheatland).

    514. Restricted (Div 1), 12st

    1 Lah di Dah Lad (Crested Lark) (Jimmy Tarry) J Tarry
    2 Outlaw Express (IRE) (Charles Horton) J Horton
    3 Dickinsbury Lass (Henry Kinchin), 7a, 2ow H Kinchin

    Also: Stormy Pass (4), Northall Lad (5), fav, Kingfisher Star (6), Eastern Apple (pu), 7a, Ivans Dream (pu), Killeengh Lodge (pu), Lancastriansspring (pu), 7a, Roberta Back (IRE) (pu), 7a, This One Is A Boy (IRE) (pu). 12 ran. 11/2l, 2l, 6l, 4l, 15l. 6min 17.0s. SP: 6-1. (Grafton).

    515. Restricted (Div 2), 12st

    1 Kalypso de Laugere (FR) (Luchiroverte (IRE)) (Jenny Pidgeon) H Fowler
    2 On Top (IRE) (Fred Hutsby) F Hutsby
    3 Jewel Song (Matt Hazell), fav J Jarrett

    Also: Teeton Diamond (4), 7a, Newnham Baby (5), 7a. 5 ran. 11/2l, 2l, 1l, 30l. 6min 20.5s. SP: 5-1. (Grafton).

    516. Confined Maiden (Div 1), 12st

    1 Churchill Flyer (Sulaafah (USA)) (Mrs S Greathead) H Kinchin
    2 Two A Penny (Geoffrey Deacon), 7a, fav S Barry
    3 Bruern (IRE) (Jon Trice-Rolph) J Trice-Rolph

    Also: Madame Bavarde (4), bl, 7a, Stonesfield Coney (5), Orton Playboy (6), Bag of Bullets (pu), 7a, Callimwhatulike (pu), Cash ‘n Carrots (pu), Edensword (pu), Just In Front (IRE) (pu), 7a, Laggan More (pu), Rydeoski (pu), The Grey Optimist (pu). 14 ran. 21/2l, 5l, 4l, 1l, 30l. 6min 27.4s. SP: 12-1. (Heythrop).

    517. Confined Maiden (Div 2), 12st

    1 French Boy (IRE) (John French) (Sue Harbour) Miss E Harbour
    2 Camisky (Alan Hill) James Tudor
    3 Frankiefromford (Lynn Redman) P Mann

    Also: Sagardian (FR) (4), No Pressure (IRE) (5), Wheel Tapper (IRE) (6), 7a, Tingewick Chief (7), Breeze To The Top (IRE) (pu), 7a, Les The Lizard (pu), Little Miss Flute (pu), 7a, fav, Malt Max (IRE) (pu), Mister Bertolli (IRE) (pu), 7a, My Gracie (pu), 7a, Sit Tyt (IRE) (pu), Suntos (pu), 7a, 2ow. 15 ran. 11/2l, 8l, 8l, 1l, 12l, 6l. 6min 26.0s. SP: 6-1. (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

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