Goodbye rodents!

  • Eradirat and Eradimouse have been launched to combat the problem of rodents without any risk to pets, horses or humans

    Like it or not, rats and mice are part of most, if not all yards. Although poison might be easy to lay down, there is always a risk to other animals and children.

    A new rodenticide has recently been launched, which claims to be entirely safe to use around people and their pets.

    According to the manufacturers, this new product has undergone five years of research and testing. Manufactured entirely from food grade materials, this product is lethal to rats and mice, but entirely safe for humans, cats, dogs, horses and other non-rodent wildlife.

    This product is said to be so safe, that it can be loose baited in areas, which were previously out of bounds, such as the feed room or stable.

    There is no danger of immunity developing and non-professionals can buy it. Packed in sealed poly buckets, Eradimouse is available in a 3kg tub and Eradirat in a 5kg tub.

    Cost at around £30 for Eradimouse and £32 for Eradirat.

    For more information contact (tel: 01522 529206) or visit www.battles.co.uk

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