Good health supplements

  • Saracen Horse Feeds’ members of the Kentucky Equine Research team has introduced a range of new supplements

    Saracen Horse Feeds now offers supplements, such as electrolytes, biotin, calorie rich formulations and equine antacids.

    Summer Games is a dietary electrolyte which is added to your horse’s concentrate. It works by mimicking the composition of sweat without using a high percentage of sugar. Available in 5lb tubs, the manufacturers recommend that it is fed at approx 1 – 3 oz per day.

    Cost at around £13.60 per tub.

    Ker-a-form is a supplement to improve hoof and coat condition. It contains biotin, iodine, zinc, methionine, lecithin, Soya bean meal and yeast cultures. One to 2oz should be fed per day and it comes in a 3lbs tub.

    Cost at around £27.40 per tub.

    Other products available are Equi Jewel, a high calorie formulation formulated for horses with high energy demands. Neigh-Lox, ascientifically proven equine antacid and Endura-Max, an oral electrolyte paste designed especially for endurance horses.

    For more information contact Saracen (tel: 01892 863236) or visit their website at www.saracen-horse-feeds.co.uk

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